Code of conduct

Sakhalin Energy acts in accordance with the core values which are the very foundation of its Statement of General Business Principles. We are judged by how we act. Our good reputation will be maintained if we all act in accordance with the laws and the ethical standards laid out in these business principles.

To provide its people, wherever they work, with more detailed guidance on the universal standards of behaviour expected of them the company developed and issued the Code of conduct. It is based on the company’s beliefs and values applied to everyday business life. The document helps to further clarify the standards expected. Everyone in Sakhalin Energy must follow its requirements. At the same time, Sakhalin Energy expects the same level of ethical behavior from its business partners.

The company’s reputation and its future success are critically dependent on compliance, not just with the law but with the highest ethical standards. A reputation for integrity is a priceless asset. This Code of conduct is a greater commitment to integrity by all of us and will help us safeguard that asset.