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The COVID-19 pandemic is imminently defining our current reality.

As ever, safety and health of the personnel remain the key priorities of Sakhalin Energy. Therefore, the company strictly follows all federal and regional directives and recommendations as well as introduces extensive preventive anti-epidemic measures both at its production assets and in the offices.

The company set special task forces, many employees work remotely, there are long rotation shits, and there is an obligatory observation for rotational personnel before entering production assets.  

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic Sakhalin Energy continues its operations as planned and fulfills all its obligations. Together with contactors the company is working to mitigate risks in the supply of materials and services under concluded contracts.

Under COVID-19 pandemic conditions the company initiated several focus projects aimed at support of healthcare, educational and social protection institutions of the Sakhalin Oblast during coronavirus pandemic.

Projects to support healthcare system:
Transfer of equipment to the Sakhalin Regional Hospital
Transfer of equipment to the Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk City Hospital

Transfer of equipment to the Korsakov Central District Hospital 
Transfer of reagents to the Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk City Hospital

Projects to support education and social safety net of the most vulnerable groups in society:
Grant contest “Digital transformation of educational and social services”
Winners of the first round of the grant contest “Digital transformation of educational and social services”

Winners of the second round of the grant contest “Digital transformation of educational and social services”
Winners of the final round of the grant contest “Digital transformation of educational and social services”

The company issued a book of COVID-19 cases: the practices summarised in the this digest relate to the changes that have affected practically every sphere of the company’s activity: management, organisation of the work regime of office personnel and staff working at the remote assets, logistics, establishment of facilities for temporary accommodation and observation, introduction of further measures for health care and disease prevention for both company and contractor staff. A separate case is dedicated to projects in the field of education, social protection and healthcare aimed at countering COVID-19 and mitigating the impacts of the pandemic.

Sakhalin Energy has deigned information posters, leaflets and brochures about COVID-19 for employees, contractors and other stakeholders. All materials are regularly updated. E-versions of the documents are available at the below links:

Recommendations for coronavirus preventive measures
Coping with stress and anxiety
Who do I want to be during COVID-19
Leaflet for rotational staff planning to travel to worksite
Brochure – Temporary accommodation facilities. Rules and standards
Posters − wear masks
Poster – hand hygiene
Booklet – hand hygiene
Poster − COVID-19 vaccination
Booklet − COVID-19 vaccination
Poster – collective immunity
Video – Sakhalin Energy staff get vaccinated
Video – COVID-19 vaccination: doctor’s advice

Flu vaccination is more important than ever – see relevant materials:

Flu vaccination brochure
Flu vaccination myths
Flu vaccination video (in Russian)

Key governmental decrees: 
RF President Decree
Decree of the Governor of the Sakhalin Oblast No. 16 dated 18 March 2020 on Enactment of the High Alert Mode in the Sakhalin Oblast for Administrative Bodies, Forces and Means of the Sakhalin Territorial Oblast Subsystem of the Unified National Emergency Prevention and Response System and Some Measures to Prevent Novel Coronavirus Infection (2019-nCov) in the Sakhalin Oblast (amended and complemented)
Decree the Chief State Sanitary Officer of Sakhalin Oblast issued Decree On Additional Measures to Prevent New Coronavirus Infection (COVID-19) in Sakhalin Oblast. dated 18 June 2021 # 204