15th Anniversary of "Energy" Fund

Сelebration dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the Sakhalin Energy Fund for Social Initiatives "Energy" was held In Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Throughout its history, the Fund has provided financial support to over 550 projects in 64 Sakhalin municipalities. On the celebration day, the representatives of "Energy" Fund were focused mainly on the winning projects.

The Sakhalin Art Museum became the winner in Record-Breaking Projects category as it implemented 13 projects with the support of the Fund. Frantirer Youth Research Association and Nogliki District Library shared the second place, each with nine completed projects. The third place was taken by the Sakhalin Regional Museum and Starodubskoye School, the long-time grant recipient of the Fund. The project team managed to save a grove of relict trees.

The next category unifies 2017 best projects. They include the Bumerang Club public organisation with 2 projects: Sakhalin-Man-Sea Project and Children’s Race Project, and the Partner Council established in cooperation with the Regional Federation for Climbing and Mountaineering and Sakhalin Search and Rescue Team named after V.A. Polyakov under the EMERCOM of Russia. The organisations provide excellent models for promoting child safe tourism.

The specialists and volunteers of Kholmsk Cultural Centre came up with the idea of bringing together residents within courtyards. My Blooming and Welcoming Yard Project was able to break the wall of exclusion and mistrust between neighbours.

The employees of Kholmsk Teremok kindergarten developed a project called Knight’s Move. Now Teremok is housing kings, queens, bishops, rooks, knights and pawns. Therefore, young children have a chance to learn the basics of Sicilian Defence. 

As part of another Best Project, Nogliki Guidebook was issued. The employees of the District Library “walked” along the tourist, historical and ethnographic paths of one of Sakhalin oldest settlements following their own routes with trained guides.

Some other projects were acknowledged as winners in Mega Success nomination. Those were the projects that had reached the federal level. 

Bumerang Club was awarded with a star statuette and a memorable gift. The Presidential Grants Fund supported the development of Sakhalin-Man-Sea Project under which the first team of volunteers for rescue of marine mammals was organised in Russia. The leader of Bumerang Club Valentina Mezentseva believes that the Energy Fund helps implement even most challenging projects. “Now we have more ambitious dreams”, she adds.

The winners include another public organisation from Nogliki called Rodnaya Zemlya (Native Land). The Environmental Tale project by Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk School No.1 won a special prize of the Environmental Culture. Peace and Harmony international contest arranged by the Vernadsky Nongovernmental Environmental Foundation jointly with the International Environmental Public Organisation Greenlight and Interregional Environmental Public Organisation Greenlife.

The Little Chitayka project initiated by Irina Samoylova, Senior Librarian of the Sakhalin Regional Children's Library, ranked second in the All-Russian contest of programmes for promoting reading among children.

Kuznetsov Central City Library and Nogliki District Library were awarded with First Degree Diploma at the second interregional contest of electronic regional publications issued by libraries North in DVD-2014 Format for the audio book by Vladimir Sangi Kykyk: Swan Girl: Fairytale.

The Energy Fund has begun accepting applications for 2018. This time the maximum grant is three hundred thousand roubles for local initiatives and six hundred thousand roubles for partnership projects. While 2018 is the Year of Volunteers in Russia, this year the priority will be given to projects promoting volunteerism or requiring volunteer participation.

Awarding the Sakhalin Public Organization Club "Boomerang" for the realised project "Sakhalin: Man and the Sea"
in nomination "The Best Project of 2017"

29 January 2018