Traveller's Room opened at Museum of Sakhalin Island: A Book by Anton Chekhov

The project has been supported by the Sakhalin Oblast Museum Association and Sakhalin Energy.

The design of the interactive learning space for children of various age groups has been developed by Alexandra Prekrasnova, Museum of Sakhalin Island: A Book by Anton Chekhov artist and photographer.

If you look up you see the starry sky with the constellations of our hemisphere: Ursa Major, Ursa Minor, Pegasus, Cassiopeia. When the light is off and the windows are covered you can enjoy the enigmatic twinkling and study astronomy at the same time. Celestial map, one of the many maps you can find in the Traveller’s Room, can be used for reference. Interestingly, the starry sky has two operation modes:  full mode and the mode for younger children when only bigger constellations are lit to make them clearly visible.

A ship made by Sakhalin craftsman Vladimir Potapov is sailing under this ‘firmament’. The visitors can move the sails, check the compass, look in the spyglass, learn how to make sailor's knots, learn the types of ships and names for their parts, and study the exploration history of our island.

A lighthouse is guiding the way for the ship. Each young visitor can act as the lighthouse keeper by opening and closing the knife switch. A light will be seen just under the ceiling, and the ship will not be lost on its way. But the lighthouse is not just a model — it’s a multifunctional facility just as the rest of things in this room. For example, it contains minerals found during real geological survey expeditions. The visitors can take them in their hands to have a closer look, and learn what they are called.

A magic tree that lights in the dark is ‘growing’ near the lighthouse. This is the zone of Sakhalin Red Book species. This zone also contains different creative thinking games and activities for fine motor skill development.

The room also contains an area for playing independently, and there are tasks that should be performed together with the museum's staff. A standard quest is 30 minutes long. This time is given to answer as many questions as you can. If you repeatedly come to Traveller’s Room and collect a certain amount of score points, you can win prizes.

Traveller's Room welcomes all Sakhalin residents and guests of the island. Children of any age can experience the unique atmosphere of adventures and have fun while learning something new.

9 January 2018