Sakhalin Energy and Russian State Library finished the project of digitizing texts of Vladimir Sangi

Special event dedicated to 80-year anniversary of Vladimir Sangi, the founder of Nivkh literature and alphabet, took place in Moscow. One of the most important steps for promotion of Nivkh cultural heritage was made at the event: Sakhalin Energy jointly with the Russian State Library finished digitizing texts of Vladimir Sangi.

By virtue of the project anyone can find author’s texts online, you just need to visit web page of the Russian State Library

Representatives of Russian government authorities, The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner, scientific community, Association of Indigenous People of the North, Siberia and the Far East of Russia congratulated Vladimir Sangi on the anniversary.

Deputy Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation Alexander Zhuravsky noted that longstanding fruitful work, writer’s scientific activity aimed at regeneration of Nivkh culture had made a priceless contribution in preservation of cultural heritage and spiritual legacy of indigenous minorities of Russia.

Complimentary telegram of the Chairman of State Duma Committee Gadzhimet Safaraliev says that “distinctive talent, great working ability and priceless contribution of Vladimir Sangi in preservation of cultural, historical and linguistic heritage of indigenous people were highly appreciated and recognized by society and government”.

Sakhalin Energy and the Government of Sakhalin region have planned a number of events to celebrate 80-year anniversary of Vladimir Sangi. All the events are dedicated to preservation of cultural and linguistic heritage and arrangement of conditions for promotion of knowledge about culture and traditions of indigenous minorities.

Vladimir Sangi delivered speech at the event.

25 March 2015