Sakhalin Energy published selected works by Vladimir Sangi to celebrate his 80th birthday

The recent publication of Vladimir Sangi’s selected works is dedicated to the 80th birthday of this outstanding Nivkh author, which he celebrates on 18th March. The author’s jubilee falls on 2015, which was announced the ‘Year of Literature’ in Russia.

In connection with Mr Sangi’s jubilee, Sakhalin Energy and the Sakhalin Government have prepared a special project involving the publication and presentation of this book dedicated to the founder of the Nivkh literature.

The book comprises Mr Sangi’s works in three literary genres: “The Wise Seal” (a fairy tale), “The Adventures of Two Brothers” (an old legend) and “Born from the YKH-myth” (an extract from an epic poem). The book also includes Vladimir Sangi’s biography and the list of his works, as well as information about Sakhalin Island and the Sakhalin-2 project.  All parts of the book are in three languages: Russian, English and French.

The book contains various illustrations, including photographic portraits of Vladimir Sangi and the photos of the Nivkh people, as well as the Sakhalin landscapes and wildlife. The front cover of the book pictures a Nivkh ornament resembling a carving on the trunk of a larch tree. This is a metaphor referring to a poem by Vladimir Sangi, which reads:  “Our Nivkh people’s origin / Is from redwood larch/ And resembling larch is my people’s skin”

Vladimir Sangi, together with a delegation from Sakhalin, will participate in the international roundtable conference dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the cultural and linguistic heritage of the indigenous people of the north of Sakhalin (Nivkhs) to be held on in the Paris Headquarters of UNESCO.  The newly published book will be presented at the conference.

Download the book

Vladimir Sangi autographes the books comprising his works.

13 March 2015