Sakhalin Energy held Oiled Wildlife Response Training

Last week Sakhalin Energy conducted Oiled Wildlife Response Training. Company provides such theoretical and practical training since 2005. This year occupational and environmental safety specialists representing oil and gas companies and competent authorities took part in the exercise.

Environmental protection is one of company’s key priorities. Spills of oil products disrupt natural processes and relationships as well as significantly interfere with living environment of all kinds of living organisms. The most vulnerable species to the oil spills at water surface are birds, especially during their seasonal migrations. In the event of actual emergency any loss of time diminishes the chances of birds’ survival. Success of bird rescue operation greatly depends on adequate training and coordinated activities of response team members. The combined training provides for sharing experience, developing a common strategy and operational interaction skills.

“Sakhalin Energy General Business Principles specify adherence to the highest environmental standards. And I wish to emphasise the importance of the fact that in addition to the programmes aimed at environmental impact prevention, company places great emphasis on the minimisation of severity of environmental impact if such emergency ever occurs”, - said Andrey Samatov, Head of Corporate Environmental Division of Sakhalin Energy.

During theoretical session thirty-six individuals representing ten various organisations learned about risks associated with rescue of birds and other wildlife, got acquainted with requirements for work organisation and emergency teams formation as well as use of collective and individual PPE. Dedicated specialists commented on methods and stages of bird rehabilitation, peculiarities of morphology and anatomy, zoonoses and species identification.

Practical training was divided in two parts. In the morning trainees practised skills of bird hazing for prevention of contamination in the area of conditional spill of oil and oil products. Special attention was given to safe (trauma free) methods of bird capture and transportation. Each participant mastered basic methods of impacted bird stabilisation.

Second part of practical training was held in the Rehabilitation Centre located in Prigorodnoye production complex. The participants got acquainted with rescue equipment, mastered bird handling and treatment skills, learned to provide first aid and practised bird cleaning after conditional oil contamination.

Even though the training was mostly focused on the rescue of birds, the obtained skills can be applied to other animals that might be present in the area of incident.

Some 300 company staff members received training over twelve years of wildlife response programme implementation.

prakticheskoe zanyatie po otpugivaniyu i lovle ptits.JPG
Practical bird rescue exercise

25 October 2017