Russian separators for Sakhalin-2 project

Production of two inlet separators for Sakhalin-2 project is completed. The work was carried out by Izhorskie Zavody, a member of OMZ Group, under the contract signed by the parties in May 2016.

The separators are designed for processing and conditioning of gas from the Lunskoye-A (LUN-A) platform for its further transportation to the south of the Island. The equipment will be installed at the compression station being constructed as part of onshore processing facility (OPF) in the north of Sakhalin Island.  The separators can withstand pressure up to 100 bar; their overall weight is about 1,000 tonnes.


These are the first Russian separators to be used at the Sakhalin Energy production asset. Such a partnership is a vivid example of Sakhalin Energy’s Russian content development programme and import substitution efforts; it is conducive to the introduction of new quality and competitive Russian products on the market.

30 May 2018