Committees of Sakhalin Indigenous Minorities Development Plan held meetings in Nogliki

Committees of Sakhalin Indigenous Minorities Development Plan Held Meetings in Nogliki during 5-8 July. The Development Plan is a tripartite programme whose partners are Sakhalin Energy, the Regional Council of Authorised Representatives of the Sakhalin Indigenous Minorities (RCAR), and the Sakhalin Oblast Government.

According to the Regulation on the Coordinating Bodies of the Plan, two programme Committees - Social Development Fund (SDF) and Traditional Economic Activities Support Programme (TEASP) are composed of elected members of indigenous ethnic groups representing seven districts of traditional SIM residence.  Committees’ members are re-elected every 2,5 years.  

The meetings brought together the committee members, elected for the period from 2016 to July 2018, as well as newly elected members, who will work until 2020 inclusive.  

Previous members considered projects submitted as part of round two of the contest in components: Business planning, capacity building, development of traditional culture and SIM community development. A total of 36 projects were submitted.  Beginners were watching and learning. 

Tatiana Railik, former member of SDF Committee, wished luck to her successors: “Dear friends, there is great deal of difficult work ahead of you. It is important to work in togetherness, despite the differences in districts, personal preferences, and always build consensus.” Tatiana will continue working in the Plan as newly elected member of the Governing Board representing Nogliki District. Lyudmila Yuldasheva, who has completed working in the TEASP Committee, also became a member of the Governing Board as a representative of Aleksandrovsk-Sakhalinsk Municipality. 

New committee members have elected their chairpersons and secretaries: TEASP Committee: Vladimir Naumkov (Chairperson, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk) and Svetlana Onenko (Secretary, Smirnykh District); SDF Committee: Anna Reznik (Chairperson, Poronaysk District) and Maria Pashkan (Secretary, Smirnykh District). 

The meetings were attended by members of the Governing Board and Executive Committee of the Plan. Yulia Zavyalova, Lead Specialist of the Social Performance Subdivision and member of the Governing Board, thanked everyone for their successful work. “In considering applications everyone should adhere to the uniform requirements as well as study the contest regulations and submitted applications”, she emphasized.

Заседания комитетов КМНС.JPG

Natalia Chaika, Governing Board member representing RCAR, wished the committees successful and efficient work and pointed out that RCAR members are always ready and willing to cooperate.  
Ekaterina Koroleva, member of the Governing Board, member of Sakhalin Public Chamber, recalled that rotation in the coordinating bodies of the Plan allows to involve new active members of local SIM communities. “Consolidation of ethnic groups is Plan’s positive idea, as revealed by many projects currently being considered by the committee members”, she added. 

New committee members promised to apply their experience and knowledge of current issues of ethnic community in their work under the Plan as well as provide all necessary assistance to applicants and beneficiaries in all districts.

Newly elected members of the programme committees (2nd half of 2018-2020):

Traditional Economic Activities Support Programme Committee

Alexandrovsk-Sakhalinsk District

Alexandra Sukhan

Nogliki District

Svetlana Igmain

Okha District:

Andrey Te

Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Municipality

Vladimir Naumkov

Poronaysk District:

Galina Dzhiginas

Tymovsk District

Maria Artyukhina

Smirnykh District

Svetlana Onenko

Social Development Fund Committee

Alexandrovsk-Sakhalinsk District

Elena Dinokova

Nogliki District

Alla Kavozg

Okha District

Maria Lebedeva

Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Municipality

Galina Egorova

Poronaysk District:

Anna Reznik

Tymovsk District

Irina Kondratieva

Smirnykh District

Maria Pashkan

9 July 2018