Sakhalin Energy Is Among Top Three Corporate Charity Leaders 2018

Sakhalin Energy finished second in the Corporate Charity Leaders 2018 Ranking, which was joined by forty-seven international companies.

The Corporate Charity Ranking sponsors - Vedomosti, PWC and Donors Forum - have declared identification of best corporate charity practices and their promotion to business communities and general public as their principal goal.

The Corporate Charity Leaders 2018 Ranking project for the first time ever assessed corporate performance in categories established by the United Nations in the Russian Federation, Presidential Grants Foundation and All-Russia Civil Forum in association with the Civil Initiatives Committee. Sakhalin Energy’s programmes ranked high in these new categories.

The Sakhalin Indigenous Minorities Development Plan was pronounced winner among programmes promoting the UN Sustainable Development Goals (this ranking category was co-sponsored by the United Nations in the Russian Federation).

The ENERGY Social Initiatives Fund ranked second in the ‘Best Grant Partner’ category, which was co-sponsored by the Presidential Grants Foundation. The ‘Sakhalin-Man-Sea’ project ranked second in the category ‘Best Programme Addressing Policy and Principles of Corporate Social Investments into Territories’ (with RUIE as a co-sponsor of the category). The Gray Whale Monitoring Programme jointly developed by Sakhalin Energy and ENL has ranked third in the ‘Best Partnership Programme’ category, which was co-sponsored by the All-Russia Civil Forum in association with the Civil Initiatives Committee.

The experts involved in the survey noted that the 2018 top rankers had been on the Top 10 Corporate Charity Leaders list many times and their philanthropy programmes had received much praise and leading positions in special categories. These companies succeeded in getting top rankings due to continuity and consistency of their social policies, commitment to high social responsibility standards and use of innovative approaches to create a better social climate in their respective areas of operation. 

The best rankings received by Sakhalin Energy demonstrate high efficiency of the company’s social programmes, as well as efficiency of its efforts to support the sustainable development projects. This is far from being Sakhalin Energy’s first success in a ranking of this type. The Company has taken part in this annual survey since 2008 and has maintained leading positions in corporate charity in Russia for many years.

5 December 2018