Sakhalin Energy’s calendar 'Year of Nivkhs: from A to Z' and 2017 Sustainable Development Report won in a contest held by AKMR

The winner of the contest held by the Russian Association of Communication Directors and Corporate Publishing (AKMR) for best corporate media of the year 2019 in the ‘Corporate Calendar’ nomination was Year of Nivkhs: from A to Z published by Sakhalin Energy.

The 46 letters of the Nivkh alphabet are illustrated by words in the Nivkh language and by lively scenes from everyday life of the island’s indigenous people. The calendar is adorned with pictures drawn by Vasily Solovyov, a reindeer herder descending from a Uilta family who have been herding reindeer for generations. The reader who opens the Calendar is introduced to the traditional Nivkh culture and begins to hear the voices of the Nivkh people speaking their original tongue. The book is published in four languages: Nivkh, Russian, English and Japanese.

Publication of the calendar ‘Year of Nivkhs: From A to Z’ is dedicated to the International Year of Indigenous People’s Languages and the 40th birthday of the Nivkh alphabet, created and promoted by the Nivkh writer and public figure Vladimir Sangi. 

One more publication by Sakhalin Energy won an award of the AKMR contest. In the ‘Annual Report’ nomination the winner was Sakhalin Energy’s 2017 Sustainable Development Report. The document, which focuses on Human Rights, was published in 2018, the year when the United Nations Universal Declaration Of Human Rights turned 70. The choice of topic was not random, as respect for human rights is one of the key values and principles of doing business by Sakhalin Energy.

The contest for best corporate media is organized by the Russian Association of Communication Directors and Corporate Publishing (AKMR). The purpose of the contest is to develop a deeper understanding of the potential of corporate media for improving the efficiency of business, to enhance the professionalism of corporate media, to motivate and maintain the companies’ efforts in the sphere of corporate media.

11 April 2019