Fairy Tales of Sakhalin in Moscow

A collection of folklore of Sakhalin Indigenous Minorities titled “Fairy Tales of Sakhalin” was presented to the participants of the 14th Treasures of the North International Exhibition-Fair. The book, published by Sakhalin Energy with the participation of native speakers, elders, specialists from the Herzen University’s Institute of the Peoples of the North and experts in the field, comprises ten Nivkh, Uilta, Evenki and Nanai fairy tales.

The opening ceremony of the festive event was conducted by Yulia Ivanova with the musical accompaniment by the ensemble of the People of Ykh-Myth Ethnocultural Centre (Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk).

Nina Veysalova, First Vice President of the Association of Indigenous Peoples of the North, Siberia and the Far East of the Russian Federation, shared her memories: “Looking at this book, I recall my grandmother who told me Evenki fairy tales when I was a child. Fairy tales are what love of the motherland begins with; they are the foundation of patriotic education, which is one of the main tasks of our Association today.”

Anna Otke, a member of the Federation Council Committee on Social Policy, congratulated all northerners on the publication: “It is wonderful that you chose to publish a book of fairy tales. After all, fairy tales reflect a special view of the world, a philosophy of the people, a unique spirit that has been passed down to us through centuries.”

Natalya Gonchar, Head of the Information Support and Media Liaison Subdivision of Sakhalin Energy, addressed the presentation participants: “The creators of the book took great care to represent the images of fairy tale characters, the details of their costumes, the household items they used. We wanted the heroes to embody the history and culture of the indigenous peoples, so that everyone reading or simply leafing through this book could learn more about the northern civilisation and its traditions.”

The participants of the event enjoyed the unforgettable performance of the Kekh (Seagull) Nivkh folk ensemble from the village of Chir-Unvd (Tymovsk District, Sakhalin Oblast) and the stories told by Elena Bibikova, an Uilta narratress, native speaker of the Uilta language. 



2 May 2019