Sakhalin Energy Supported the 2nd Regional Mother Tongue Children and Youth Conference

The Association of Museums of the Sakhalin Oblast, together with the Literary and Art Museum of the Book of A.P. Chekhov Sakhalin Island, announced the start of applications submission for participation in the 2nd Regional Mother Tongue SIM Children and Youth Conference. The event will be held on 8–10 November with the support of the regional government and Sakhalin Energy.

The highlights of the event include reports presented by SIM youths in their native languages as well as a presentation of literal translation of excerpts from books of Chekhov and Kreinovich. The presenters are free to choose a topic of their liking as long as it is relevant to the preservation of the cultural and linguistic heritage of the Sakhalin indigenous minorities. 

“Participation in the SIM Children and Youth Conference does not only serve as a catalyst for learning SIM languages, but also gives the attendees an opportunity to meet and talk to native speakers. I hope that this year the conference attracts even more participants, inspired to prepare for it both on their own, and by engaging their families. The presenters will be tasked with the exciting job of researching and analysing their mother tongues,” said Evgeniya Firsova, President of the Association of Museums of the Sakhalin Oblast and Director of the Literary and Art Museum of the Book of A.P. Chekhov Sakhalin Island.

The now-annual conference has become an event of great significance for the Sakhalin Oblast, as it boosts the interest of the younger generation to native languages. 

 The organisers have invited elders (native speakers) and representatives of the science community to participate in the event as experts and give advice to the presenters before the conference. “The collaboration during the event’s preparations gives us hope that our mother tongue will be preserved in records, which will spark interest in future generations and inspire them to study it. It is our task to live as long as we can and guide our younglings in learning native languages and rectifying the mistakes of modern civilisation,” shared Elena Bibikova, an Uilta narratress and native speaker.

To take part in the conference, until 1 October send an application form to 104 Prospekt Mira, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, or email it to For recommendations on application form execution, report preparation and information on conference stage dates, visit the website of the Literary and Art Museum of the Book of A.P. Chekhov Sakhalin Island.

5 June 2019