Sakhalin Energy Held a Class for Schoolchildren as Part of Safety Is Important Programme

First class of the new school year for Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk schoolchildren was held outdoors. Many of them came to Gagarin’s City Park after the celebratory assembly, where they were welcomed by a popular cartoon character Senya - the star of Safety Is Important programme.

In the park the children took part in All-Russian open class on the fundamentals of health and safety where Sakhalin Energy was one of the organizers. In unison with Sakhalin weather which really favoured the learning process, representatives of Sakhalin Energy encouraged children with many useful presents fr om Senya and his sidekick Vaska the cat.

Every student had an opportunity to receive a present by participating in instant every-ticket-wins lottery after journey across Safety Land. In order to become a participant of prize drawing children had to undergo series of trials under the guidance of the experts - representatives of Emercom, State Small Boat Inspectorate, All-Russian Volunteer Fire Organisation, Polyakov Search and Rescue Team and the Rossoyuzspas public organisation.

“It was easy to learn today - time just passed right by. The class with prize drawing was a real surprise for me”, said one of young guests.

At five learning grounds children learned how to behave when you are home alone, what risks await in the woods, how to avoid fire and, most important, how to live safe. The participants had a chance to practise their dexterity putting on a life vest against the clock. They tried on PPE and trained in provision of first aid on a special manikin. In addition to the interactive lessons, an exhibition of search and rescue equipment used by the emergency services was held.

The most popular was the playground wh ere volunteers explained to the children the rules of the board game Household Safety. Students enjoyed the opportunity not only to become a participant of the new game, but to own it after giving correct answers to topical situational questions.

“In order to congratulate young Sakhaliners with the beginning of the new school year we once again joined our efforts with the partners of Safety Is Important programme. We hope that the first school day accompanied by many surprises will long be remembered by our guests and become a guarantee of their safe behaviour throughout the school year”, said Anna Lygina, Senior Specialist of Sakhalin Energy’s Social Performance Subdivision.

A total of 400 children of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk took part in the open class on the fundamentals of health and safety.

2 September 2019