Sakhalin Energy, OOO INTRA Services Company and STATS (UK) LTD. Signed a Trilateral Memorandum of Understanding

On 5 September, Sakhalin Energy, OOO INTRA Services Company and STATS (UK) LTD. signed a trilateral Memorandum of Understanding during the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok.

The subject of the agreement is the joint efforts in implementing projects for wrapping, maintenance, hydraulic testing, tie in, isolations and shutoff of Sakhalin Energy pipelines. The Memorandum will serve as a starting point for long-term cooperation with a gradual increase in the Russian Content and local production of the provided technology in Russia.

“Adoption of cutting-edge technologies that can guarantee safe and efficient operation of our production facilities is an important component of the comprehensive execution of the Sakhalin-2 project, unparalleled in its technical complexity among global oil and gas projects. Despite the current political and economic climate, we strive to ensure utmost reliability of our equipment and systems, as well as to promote an increase in the local content of services, including highly specialised ones, through expansion of cooperation with our key Russian and foreign partners. We are pleased to report that the Sakhalin-2 project does not only serve as a platform for the implementation of state-of-the-art solutions and innovations, but also facilitates their transfer to Russian companies,” commented Roman Dashkov, Sakhalin Energy Chief Executive Officer.

According to Alexander Shilov, President of INTRA Services Company, the company has already gained experience of implementing the cutting-edge developments of foreign services companies in the Russian Federation. The leadership in the Russian market for tie-in and under pressure shutdown, the level of personnel training and accumulated experience allow implementation of challenging and large-scale projects with full adaptation of innovations under a specific project, as well as in the industry as a whole. The technology will find wide application among oil and gas operators, including those operating pipelines in hard-to-reach locations, and will ensure proper and safe operation of the oil and gas industry facilities in the country.

"Assimilation and localisation of the technology for pipeline shutdown using guided gears at the Sakhalin-2 project opens way to wider cooperation with one of the most efficient companies of the region and makes it possible to adopt the unique knowledge and competence of STATS (UK) LTD.—an expert in this area—while adapting them to the domestic market," added Alexander Shilov.

STATS (UK) LTD Chief Executive Officer, Leigh Howarth, said: “In recent years we have developed a mutually beneficial relationship with Sakhalin Energy and I am delighted this MoU formalises our partnership and lays the foundations for working more closely with Sakhalin Energy and OOO Intra Services on key pipeline projects. Sakhalin 2, as a large and technically challenging project, provides an excellent opportunity for assisting our partners in increasing Russian content.”


5 September 2019