Chekhov Book Museum Opens ‘Energy in 3-D’ Exhibition

An unusual exhibition has opened at the Literary and Art Museum dedicated to Sakhalin Island, a book by Anton Chekhov. Held to celebrate Sakhalin Energy’s 25th Anniversary, ‘Energy in 3-D’ consists of two main parts.

The first part features the work of the Company employees who have taken part in the corporate photo contest. Their pictures communicate the grandeur of one of the world’s largest oil and gas projects and the unique charm of Sakhalin. “A talented person is talented in everything, goes the saying. Our people are true professionals in their areas of expertise and highly creative individuals into the bargain. The World through a Lens contest gives you an opportunity to express your creative self,” says Natalia Gonchar, Sakhalin Energy’s press secretary.

‘The Energy for Growth’ is a three-dimensional book that has become the conceptual centerpiece of the exhibition. This is Russia’s first edition on the oil and gas industry that has been created in 3-D. The three dimensional illustrations on each of the book’s pages take the reader on an incredible journey to Sakhalin-2 production sites. The tome consists of hundreds of hand-made mock-ups. ‘The Energy for Growth’ will be given to all schools and libraries on Sakhalin.

Tatyana Derivedmid, head of the Social Performance Subdivision, shares the success story. Many a mind, both at the Company and at the publisher's, have racked their engineering brains creating this book for almost three years. Every page required attention to minute detail simply because we had to do things no-one had ever done before. We hope you will like the book. After all, even the most sophisticated, technical stuff is easier to take in when you see a three-dimensional image rather than a piece of dry narrative,” stresses she, calling upon the reader to be very attentive as there are lots of deeply concealed secrets awaiting the reader on every page.  

‘Energy in 3-D’ will be on view until 20 October. In the meantime, the Chekhov Book Museum will host numerous events, some of them – for the first time on Sakhalin. Evgeniya Firsova, the museum director, lifts the veil of secrecy just a little: “We are going to hold masterclasses where the participants will try their hand at painting with crude oil. We hope that both Sakhaliners and the guests of the island will enjoy it.” A jar of Sakhalin Blend is among the exhibits but there will be many more surprises awaiting the visitors.





20 September 2019