Sakhalin Energy Ranked Second in the Social Performance Rating of Russian Oil and Gas Companies

The Company ranked second in the Social Performance Rating of Russian oil and gas companies, outperforming Surgutneftegaz, NOVATEK, LUKOIL, Gazprom and Rosneft.

Annual AK&M rating includes companies that provide the highest social returns with minimum environmental impact. The evaluation took account of two groups of indexes: social impact of activities (the amount of budget payments, charity payments, environment-related expenses, payments to staff given the manpower rate) and environmental impact (volumes of air, water pollution, and toxicity-adjusted solid waste). The calculation result is the balance between the two indexes. The indexes were compiled from the 2018 public data: annual reports, sustainable development reports, consolidated finance reports as well as the information received from the companies through questionnaires.  

“The working principle of Sakhalin Energy implies not only profitability and commercial performance.  The company is a major taxpayer in the Sakhalin Oblast, it meets the progressive standards of environmental responsibility and contributes significantly to development of the region”, said Tatyana Derivedmid, Head of Social Performance Subdivision.

For reference: the priority activity of AK&M agency is assigning of credit ratings by the national rating scale to enterprises, banks and regions of Russia using the original methodology. In September 2010, АК&М was accredited by the RF Ministry of Finance in accordance with the RF legislation and was included in the register of ratings agencies accredited in Russia. Its recognition by the Bank of Russia and the RF Government attests to the confidence in AK&M ratings as a reliable source of information on creditworthiness of rated entities.

27 December 2019