COVID-19: Sakhalin Energy’s Hotline

Dear visitors,

The COVID-19 coronavirus has dramatically changed our daily lives, subjecting everyone to serious hardships.

Without a doubt, it is only by joining our efforts that will we be able to cope with this threat. Being fully aligned in vaccination and strict compliance with all the recommendations, we can help to protect, as much as possible, our fellow citizens while minimising damage to our society and economy.

Over the years, Sakhalin Energy has gained a reputation as a reliable partner and a guarantor of economic sustainability in the region. Our resilience is strong enough to face the challenges of today, so the company is doing its utmost to meet our commitments in terms of production, cargo delivery and social responsibility towards Sakhalin Oblast.

To learn more about the company's actions related to the pandemic please visit COVID-19 page

The company has a dedicated 24/7 hotline to provide effective communication to stakeholders. For any information regarding the COVID-19 prevention measures taken by the company, please call +  7  914  759  47  11.

Let us take this challenge seriously and with care, for this is how we can all combat COVID-19 adequately.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones!

Considering the high criticality of coronavirus infection prevention measures and precautions, please use the official online sources to get up-to-date and trustworthy information:

·         Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation

·         Rospotrebnadzor

·         StopCoronavirus site

·         COVID-19 hotline on Sakhalin: 8 800 300 65 03

25 June 2022