Voting on Amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation Started at Sakhalin Energy Assets

On 21 June voting took place at the onshore processing facility (OPF) located in the North-East of Sakhalin Island.

According to the Member of Election Commission Anastasia Berezina, OPF Senior Facility Maintenance Engineer, 238 out of 377 staff members (i.e. 63.1% of the personnel) voted.

“All ballot boxes and ballot papers had been disinfected before sending to the asset to minimize COVID-19 risks. Voting proceeded in a generally calm and friendly fashion without any incidents. The main difference is that this year, due to the anti-epidemic measures, the organizational process was the exclusive responsibility of the OPF staff which accordance with the law were included in the precinct electoral commission.   We received recommendations of Nogliki electoral commission remotely: by e-mail or phone. It did represent a certain challenge which we successfully met”, said Anastasia.

Vitaly Popov, OPF Manager has also took part in voting. He pointed out that all staff and contractors had an opportunity to familiarize himself with the with the substance of amendments in advance, which many have done.

“This is a big part of why people were readily going to ballot station despite the heavy work schedules. Given that turnaround is underway at all company assets including OPF, everybody is very busy and, taking into account that voting has never been carried out during such hectic activities, we had some doubts about the colleagues’ participation.   Nevertheless, most of the staff came to the ballot station and have done their civic duty’, said Vitaly.

This week, voting will take place at the other production assets including offshore oil and gas production platforms. The only impediment could be the weather which will dictate when the ballot boxes and papers arrive to the assets.


22 June 2020