Digital Workplace Twin is First Adopted at the LNG Plant as Part of the Turnaround

Digital workplace twin is first adopted at the LNG plant as part of the 2020 turnaround carried out across the Sakhalin-2 gas production assets. 

The tool allows to execute technical activities in parallel with online connection of engineers and subject matter specialists fr om worldwide locations, enabling them to participate in repair operations via video-link. Sakhalin Energy is one of the first companies in Russia to begin large-scale application of such digital equipment at its production assets. To make it work the company established highspeed wireless internet connection in the repairing zone.


The system includes explosion-proof smart helmets and different types of tablets designed to be used in the production zone, as well as a set of programme software for business processes. It’s based on the principle of video-conference during which one of the participants is repairing equipment while broadcasting ongoing activities via video camera installed in smart helmet. At the same time, the repairman communicates with other experts, follows their recommendations and has relevant diagrammes on the monitor while making manipulations on equipment. This method helps to eliminate potential inaccuracies during complicated technical operations.

In addition, stationary video cameras are installed at the site wh ere repair works are conducted. They broadcast video material to administrative offices to enable timely engineering support and monitoring. Besides, various technical consultants, representatives of contractors and manufacturers (MAN Turbo Solutions and General Electric) can connect to the video stream to obtain information on the repair progress when necessary.

The innovative digital equipment also allows to arrange online visits of company senior leadership to the LNG plant. In a complicated epidemiological conditions such approach helps to ensure “a sterile” status of the production assets. Virtual interaction supports the teamwork principles and gives staff the understanding that company’s major tasks, namely, safety and production reliability, are fully implemented.       

"The introduction of smart helmets is a very important stage in creating a digital platform for the new format of the company. It is a great opportunity to remotely monitor compliance with safety regulations at work and monitor the movement of employees in different work areas, which is especially important during scheduled maintenance work. This approach is an important step towards zero injuries and the digitalisation of business processes within the framework of the Sakhalin-2 project," said Ole Myklestad, Sakhalin Energy Production Director.


10 July 2020