Young Professionals from Sakhalin Island Have completed Sakhalin Energy’s Traineeship Programme

Thirteen young professionals from Sakhalin Island have completed Sakhalin Energy’s Traineeship Programme and have been given jobs with the Sakhalin-2 project.

These trainees joined the programme back in 2017. Over 32 months, they have gone through general technical training at the corporate Training Centre and augmented it through on-the-job training after joining our asset teams. From now on, they will work as operators, electricians, as well as mechanical and instrumentation maintenance specialists.

Graduating in 2020, these trainees had to complete their training in the global pandemic environment, something none of them had previously encountered. They stood up to the challenge and managed to achieve excellent results.

“The traineeship programme has jump-started the careers of my fellow young professionals. Each stage of our training is equally important. Every step along the way gives us opportunities to augment our technical knowledge, realise our potential and gain professional skills. This programme transforms us into top-level, competitive professionals. The experience we have gained working at state-of-the-art Sakhalin Energy production assets is especially valuable to us”, stated Dmitry Osilidchuk who just completed the programme and now works as equipment maintenance technician at the LNG plant.

Alexander Sheykin, Sakhalin Energy’s HR Director, points out that the programme’s success has been driven by the trainee’s had work and perseverance in gaining professional knowledge and skills, as well as the instructors’ experience and expertise and contributions from all company assets and functions helping the trainees to learn and become true professionals.

The company’s objective is to make sure its assets are staffed with skilful and knowledgeable local discipline workers; this is why Sakhalin Energy recruits trainees every year, preparing them for their future careers.

Candidate search and recruitment for the 2020-2023 Traineeship Programme is currently underway. The company has already received over 250 CVs - that’s 13 candidates per each available slot on average. Every application is carefully reviewed by Technical Training Centre experts to ensure that the prospective candidates match the Programme’s requirements. Over 50 candidates have already been invited to selection interviews that will take place both face-to-face and remotely through the end of August. Based on the results of those interviews, HR and technical experts will assess the candidates’ technical knowledge in relevant disciplines, review their personal and business qualities and estimate each candidate’s potential. The most suitable candidates will commence training in early October.


22 July 2020