Sakhalin Energy Continues to Provide Equipment to Sakhalin Oblast Hospitals

Sakhalin Energy continues to provide special equipment to healthcare facilities of the region as part of COVID-19 prevention and control.

The company presented a laboratory apparatus – a thermocycler – to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk City Hospital named after F.S. Ankudinov. It can determine whether the new type of coronavirus, COVID-19, is present in nasal and oral samples and significantly facilitates the diagnosis of hereditary and viral diseases.

The equipment handover ceremony was attended by the representatives of the company and the healthcare facility. As Andrey Shiryayev, Chief Physician of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk City Hospital named after F.S. Ankudinov, noted, the thermocycler is a very valuable addition, which will help to distribute the load between the existing apparatuses and process about 400 more samples daily. “Today the laboratory of our hospital performs the highest number of analyses in Russia each day per 1,000 persons, but the region’s demand is certainly higher, so we need to increase our testing capacity,” – the Chief Physician added.

The polymerase chain reaction apparatus was purchased by the company as part of its cooperation with the regional Ministry of Health, which had compiled a list of equipment required by medical institutions of the Oblast.

“Timely testing is the key element in diagnosing a disease and, therefore, in the effectiveness of its treatment. I would like to praise the achievements and even breakthroughs of the island’s healthcare delivered by our medical colleagues on Sakhalin in the recent months, which we have contributed to as well,” – said Konstantin Kokorin, Head of Sakhalin Energy Health Section.

Previously, Sakhalin Energy has provided Sakhalin Oblast Clinical Hospital with 40 oxygen concentrators. Future plans are to provide equipment to Nogliki and Korsakov central district hospitals.


24 July 2020