Maintenance Activities Continue at the Molikpaq Platform

The titanium tube bundle to replace its older version has been successfully delivered to the Molikpaq offshore oil and gas platform.

The bundle is a replacement for one of the heat exchangers that is used to treat the natural gas produced for export to the shore at the Piltun-Astokhskoye field. The operations were carried out as part of the platform’s scheduled turnaround campaign and maintenance activities.

This comprehensive installation process will take about ten days followed by overpressure tests to verify tightness and integrity of the equipment. This will be performed with the help of a nitrogen-helium mixture. The first stage of testing was successfully completed at the manufacturing plant in late July. It is noteworthy that in the limited space of the offshore platform, all lifting operations to replace the heat exchanger element will be performed manually by means of chain hoists.

"The titanium alloy has been chosen to replace the stainless steel for better resistance to corrosion caused by high coolant flow rates, as well as crevice corrosion and under-sediment corrosion," says Offshore Installation Manager Paul Rogers. − For technical support, we turned to our colleagues at Shell China who advised a proven manufacturer capable of producing the titanium tube bundle for our project in a quality and timely manner prior to the planned shutdown commenced”.

It took about five months to manufacture the part. The Terms of Reference were developed by the Sakhalin Energy's lead engineers as part of ASME, TEMA, and DEP standard procedures and design guidelines. This requirement was used in the design of all the Sakhalin-2 project production facilities.

During the pandemic, the company's specialists were unable to travel to the manufacturing plant to monitor production, inspections and tests, so the process was carried out remotely. The documents required for verification were sent electronically, while routine meetings were held through online conferences.

After successful completion of the integrated tests, the tube bundle was set for transportation to the island arriving in the beginning of August. The cargo cleared customs in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and was transported to the port of Kholmsk for shipment by regular supply vessels to Molikpaq. Currently preparation for the installation of the tube bundle are underway.


13 August 2020