Sakhalin Energy Recognised as One of the Leaders of the AК&M Social Efficiency Ranking

Having shown the best social performance indicators among Russian oil and gas enterprises, Sakhalin Energy was recognised as one of the leaders in the 2020 Social Efficiency Ranking of the largest Russian companies.

Last year’s results enabled Sakhalin Energy to get ahead of other participants of the rating, such as Surgutneftegaz, LUKOIL and Gazprom.

The annual AK&M rating identifies companies that bring maximum benefit to society with minimal impact on the environment. The assessment takes into account two indicators: the social effect of the companies’ activities and the environmental stress they cause. The ratio of these two indicators allowed Sakhalin Energy to enter the TOP-20 of the overall Social Efficiency Ranking and take the fourth place among the largest companies in Russia.

“The fact that the social efficiency of Sakhalin Energy was estimated so highly confirms that the company strictly adheres to the main principle of its activities—efficient hydrocarbon production, assurance of environmental safety, and socially responsible business,” said Tatyana Derivedmid, Head Public Relations Division.

The rating was compiled using the open data on the companies’ performance for 2019 from their annual and sustainability reports, consolidated financial statements, as well as information received from the organisations during a survey.

14 August 2020