Projects Dedicated to the 75th Anniversary of the Victory Going On

A number of grant projects dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War are currently being implemented on Sakhalin with the support of Sakhalin Energy.

In the Year of Commemoration and Glory, the company introduced the priority area in the Energy Social Initiatives Fund competition. Four educational institutions of the island were announced the winners in the category.

“Supporting patriotic initiatives with the regional component is the company’s long-standing tradition and one of the many areas of its activities aimed at the preservation of the memory of the Great Victory Day. We strongly hope that the younger generation will remember the military exploits of their ancestors and our efforts will significantly contribute to it,” said Anna Lygina, Lead Specialist of the Sakhalin Energy Social Performance Subdivision.

Thanks to the winning project, Shakhtersk now has the newly opened Eternal Flame Summer Art School. It is attended by 30 children fr om dysfunctional and single-parent families, who do not usually have an opportunity to spend their holidays in an interesting and useful way. The project, which is implemented by the teachers of the art school, provides not only for activities aimed at patriotic education, but also for classes in fine, theatrical, applied and decorative arts on the subjects related to the Great Patriotic War. As a result, schoolchildren acquire new knowledge and gain experience in creative activities, which they can apply in the future.

Another initiative—the Veteran Compatriots project—was proposed by the teachers of the Ilyinsky village school who are convinced that schoolchildren must know about their fellow countrymen which committed heroic deeds. Young Sakhalin residents took part in a conference held as part of the project wh ere, together with the class teachers, they spoke about the fate and exploits of the veterans who lived in their native village in the post-war period. Now, the authors of the project are preparing conference materials for publishing a collection for the relatives of the warriors. In the near future, personal demonstration “desks of heroes” are going to be installed in the classrooms. They will include photographs of the veterans, some facts from their biographies and information about their heroic deeds and will remind the children of the village school about their outstanding countrymen.

The Tomari Children’s Art Centre proposes a new approach to getting students interested in the history of their country. The project they are implementing envisages involving children in the Victory Volunteers squad. High Table interactive desk, a new multimedia equipment, will help the boys and girls to develop presentation skills. We Cherish Our Memory... mini-museum will open on its basis. Using the materials obtained during the research (documents, photographs and videos about Great Patriotic War veterans and home front workers), the members of the squad themselves will compile virtual exhibitions for their peers. The innovative teaching tool will make it possible to organise more effective educational work with children and adolescents. As a result, it will be easier for them to perceive and remember new information.

The staff of the Poronaisk Boarding School intends to open a Combat Glory Room with the Memory Is Stronger Than Time interactive exhibition. Schoolchildren will be able to create replicas of real military documents, letters and maps. Subsequent visitors will be able to study most of the replica exhibits, holding them in their hands. Thus children will independently learn about the main events of the South Sakhalin offensive operation and, in particular, about the military exploits of the soldiers who fought for the liberation of South Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands. In addition, the Combat Glory Room of the School Museum will serve as the venue for additional Lessons of Bravery, quizzes, poetry reading contests, meetings with veterans and home front workers.

17 August 2020