The Company Employees Help Young Sakhaliners Get Ready to School

Sakhalin Energy employees helped 207 young Sakhaliners get ready for school – on 21 August pupils of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk School No. 4 received their stationery sets.

“This year we all faced unexpected difficulties and found ourselves in a new reality. It is difficult for many people, but it is the hardest time for the families with children where parents lost their jobs or a large chunk of their income. This charity campaign specifically targeted such families”, said Anna Lygina, Lead Specialist of Sakhalin Energy’s Social Performance Subdivision, at the award ceremony.

Company employees handed ‘schoolchildren’s backpacks’ to 20 young Sakhaliners, and they instantly started examining their gifts: pencil cases, notebooks, albums, diaries, bookmarks, drawing sets – a total of about 30 different items, which will make learning more comfortable and interesting. This was not the last surprise for the kids today – all of them took part in the entertainment show of the Doctor Clown volunteer team.

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“This help is huge. I’m a mother of four. Two of them are schoolchildren, and, of course, preparing for the school year always puts a strain on our budget. But it got harder this year, so Sakhalin Energy’s charity campaign came in really handy. I thank all of its staff for their sympathy and consideration!”, said Anastasia Vylkova, a resident Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, addressing Sakhalin Energy’s representatives.

In its “Help Get Ready for School” campaign, the company focused on the districts which are important for it: Korsakov, Poronaisk, Nogliki, and the city of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. With the assistance of the municipal Education Departments, the company compiled lists of families and school supplies. Employees could choose an option to participate in the project: either buy a certificate in a stationery store, choose the necessary supplies in an online shop and order delivery, or leave the stationery in a special box in the main company’s office, depending on whatever was more convenient. The campaign was company-wide indeed – all who wanted to help took part in it regardless of their location: in the office, at a production asset, or working remotely.

For senior students, primary school sets were supplemented with calculators, stylish eco-notebooks, drafting tools, and other necessary stationery. In cash equivalent, the supplies collected amounted to more than 636,000 roubles, including certificates of stationery stores. The campaign was part of the ‘Hurry Up for Good Deeds’ programme that supports charity initiatives of the Company employees.

Very soon other Sakhalin schoolchildren will get their backpacks with everything required for the upcoming school year.

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21 August 2020