Scheduled Repairs Were Completed at the Molikpaq Platform

Scheduled repairs as part of the annual production asset maintenance were completed at Sakhalin-2 Molikpaq offshore platform.

This year’s scope was focused on the fire and gas detection system upgrade and rejuvenation of the seawater intake system – the main cooling system for the entire production process at the asset. In addition, repairs were done during the comprehensive inspection of the shell-and-tube heat exchangers.

In total, the company and its contractors performed about 300 activities including some aimed at the upgrade of process systems. At many of them, including oil and gas export systems, work was completed ahead of schedule. This year, it took the total of 18,000 man-hours to complete all the scheduled preventive maintenance activities.

During the pandemic, remote support from the engineers located in administrative offices in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk played a special role. Designated experts were assigned to the production asset and were ready to provide online assistance and technical advice during complex repair operations.

As noted by Ole Myklestad, Production Director of Sakhalin Energy, despite the difficult epidemic situation, the company has managed to complete the full range of repair and maintenance activities.  “This year we implemented one of the most difficult tasks – the upgrade of fire and gas detection system. This will ensure the maximum reliability and integrity of the equipment. All works have been completed in compliance with HSE requirements. Currently, the platform’s production system has been reinstated and is operating at full capacity”, added Ole Myklestad.

Throughout the whole turnaround period, the company sustained partial production and kept shipping LNG and oil to its Asia-Pacific buyers.


1 September 2020