The Help Get Ready for School Special Charity Campaign Comes to an End

Today students from the Poronaisk district have received special “school bags” prepared for them by the employees of Sakhalin Energy. 

The presents were handed during the class hours devoted to the Knowledge Day in nine district schools – in total 44 pupils got their school bags. It has marked the end of the charity campaign aimed at providing essential school supplies to children from families that had fallen on hard times, including due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The special Help Get Ready for School corporate campaign was carried out from 6 July to 11 August. Its beneficiaries included students of all ages from the Nogliki (79 students), Poronaisk (44 students), Korsakov (30 students) districts, and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (54 students). Over several weeks, employees of Sakhalin Energy bought school essentials for the children. The total cost of the backpacks, pencil cases, and other supplies amounted to RUB 636,000.

The first batch of the school supplies was presented to 20 students of the Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk School No. 4 on 21 August. In the regional centre, the gift sets also found their owners among the students of Schools No. 14, No. 5, and No. 32. Next, it was turn for the young residents of the Nogliki and Korsakov districts to receive their school bags. Each gifting ceremony became a truly special occasion for the students and their parents. The best reward for the participants was the smiles on the faces of the children when they received their school bags and got to explore their contents.

Overall, fundraising helped to prepare 207 school bags and pencil cases, about 4,000 various notebooks, over 2,000 ballpoint pens, and around 1,000 graphite pencils, as well as bookmarks, rulers, school diaries, erasers. For primary school students, the participants additionally purchased brushes, sketch books, coloured paper and cardboard paper, no-spill cups, modelling clay, and other school supplies they will need. The school bags of high school students included calculators, stylish kraft notebooks, drafting equipment, and other important stationeries.

“Despite all difficulties, our lives are slowly getting back to normal, but it’s not so easy for everyone. Throughout its history, Sakhalin Energy has been helping those in need, and this time our employees did not stand by either. We are happy that our efforts have made a double impact — they have brought joy to children and helped their parents,” said Maria Skokova, specialist of the Social Performance Subdivision.

The campaign was part of the Hurry Up for Good Deeds Programme that supports employees’ charity initiatives.


1 September 2020