Sakhalin Energy Congratulated SakhSU Students on the Start of the Academic Year

Sakhalin State University Freshmen Parade was held in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk city park on 1 September.

This open event was attended not only by students, their friends, parents, and university teachers, but also casual passers-by, who got interested in a bright procession of youth. Columns of freshmen and their teachers proceeded along the park roads to a pre-assembled stage where they were awaited by special guests – representatives of the university, regional and municipal executive authorities, and Alexander Sheykin, HR Director of Sakhalin Energy. Valery Limarenko, Governor of Sakhalin Oblast, was the first one to greet the young people.

“In various sectors on Sakhalin, we have the best specialists in the world, and I want you to work in those companies, to study and create the new future here, on the island. However, for this you need to be highly qualified – that’s why we chose the double diploma option engaging the best Russian universities for cooperation”, the head of the region told the students.

In his welcome speech, Alexander Sheykin noted the importance of the initiatives from the regional authorities aimed at improving the professionalism and competitiveness of Sakhalin students.

“Mr Limarenko has clearly identified the goal: Sakhalin must be a workplace for Sakhaliners. Our company has employed hundreds of graduates from island universities and colleges. It is indeed not easy to be hired by our company, the competition is tough – but still those Sakhaliners that work for us have proven by example that this is possible. So go for it, master the curriculum, and do not forget about collateral subjects such as English Language – it is very important in an international company. Good luck to you, make the most of your university years!” Alexander Sheykin addressed the young people.

Sakhalin Energy and Sakhalin State University are joined in a long-lasting partnership – each year, about 30 students of the SakhSU Polytechnic College acquire work experience and have a pre-graduation internship at the company’s assets. Upon completing their studies, graduates get employed under the corporate Traineeship Programme. In addition, to attract the best human resources, Sakhalin Energy offers educational grants and implements programmes for the development of young professionals, holds Open Days and business games. Over the past five years, about 150 SakhSU graduates have been employed by Sakhalin Energy.


2 September 2020