Korsakov Central District Hospital Received New Equipment from Sakhalin Energy

Necessary medical devices and consumables were funded under the “Prevention and Treatment” project – company’s initiative aimed at supporting healthcare institutions of Sakhalin Oblast.

The project’s objective is to provide the island’s health workers with the means for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19. The main feature of the initiative was that medical professionals could sel ect the most demanded equipment and consumables themselves, and the company donated RUB 2,750,000 to the healthcare institution.

“In today’s circumstances, it is important to do all it takes to prevent the spread of the pandemic, to protect people’s health, and to provide aid to the sick. It is an especially urgent issue now, with the beginning of the autumn-winter season, which is traditionally accompanied by outbreaks of upper respiratory infections, flu in particular. With all this in mind, our company pays special attention to providing healthcare institutions with equipment and supplies and creating conditions for the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases. This is what our project is aimed at”, said Konstantin Kokorin, Sakhalin Energy Health Manager.


Representatives of the Korsakov CDH received UV bactericidal irradiators / recirculators, portable pulse oximeters, 400 litre and 250 litre pharmaceutical refrigerators, contactless thermometres, and various consumables for respiratory therapy, fluid therapy, and anesthesia.

“The Korsakov District Central Hospital is profoundly grateful to Sakhalin Energy for its invaluable help in procuring much-needed consumables, oxygen support machines, and patient monitoring systems. I’m sure that together we have saved many lives. Can it get any more valuable or nobler than that? We pin our hopes on this undeniably positive humanitarian cooperation being continued,” said Yury Baskakov, the deputy chief physician at the Korsakov District Central Hospital.

According to him, the company’s help is both substantial and timely, all the more so as the hospital has become one of the two major hubs for the in-patient treatment of people with COVID-19 fr om across Sakhalin Oblast.

Previously, Sakhalin Energy gave the Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk City Hospital named after Fyodor Ankudinov a thermocycler, which is a medical testing apparatus, and earlier still, it had donated oxygen concentrators to the Sakhalin Regional Hospital. 

18 September 2020