Sakhalin Energy: Donation of Reagents for COVID-19 Diagnostics

The materials will be used by Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk City Hospital staff to make tests using the amplifier which the company delivered to this medical institution with in late July this year.

“We are very grateful to Sakhalin Energy for the systematic support which is especially valuable now that the coronavirus second wave has surged across the world. The fight against any disease begins with diagnostics. The amplifier which we received from the company earlier and these reagents will help us to identify, promptly and with high quality, the signs of SARS-CoV-2 in patients with clinical symptoms of a respiratory disease, as well as in contact persons, and to start treatment immediately. For people, it is literally a matter of life and health,” said Andrey Shiryayev, Chief Doctor of the hospital.


According to him, the medical institution currently conducts about 1,200 SARS-CoV-2 tests every day. With this result, it is not only the leader among the laboratories operating in the territory of the island but also ranks seventh in Russia as a whole.

The assistance from Sakhalin Energy has allowed the City Hospital to recover from the force majeure operation mode and normalise the test results processing, which has further improved the reliability of testing significantly.

“I believe there is not a single person these days who has not been affected, one way or another, by the coronavirus. We need to neutralise the negative impact of this disease as soon as possible, and we can only achieve it by joining efforts. Our company provides assistance to Sakhalin doctors in their hard and selfless work during the pandemic and, of course, we are going to continue doing so in the future,” said Konstantin Kokorin, Head of the Sakhalin Energy Corporate Health Section.

According to Konstantin Kokorin, in 2020 the company purchased and donated equipment and supplies worth more than 33 million roubles to various medical institutions of the island within the framework of cooperation with the Sakhalin Oblast Ministry of Health. This is one of the largest social projects implemented by Sakhalin Energy in the healthcare sector since the inception of the company.


7 December 2020