Sakhalin Energy Corporate Programmes Receive Recognition at the Federal Level

Sakhalin Energy received the status of the National Project Partner for its contribution to the implementation of the goals and objectives of the Ecology, Culture, Demography and Education national projects.

The status was awarded by National Priorities Independent Non-Profit Organisation based on the review of corporate practices included in the toolkit of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs. Thus, Sakhalin Energy was among the first companies which social performance was recognised at the federal level.

Today, national projects are a priority on the federal agenda. The key to their successful implementation is the synergy of the state, business and society. In 2020, it was decided to introduce the status of the National Project Partner in order to promote active participation of business in the work towards achieving the national goals. The prerequisite for obtaining the status is compliance of the organisation’s corporate social activity with the goals and objectives of federal programmes implemented within the framework of the national projects.

Sakhalin Energy, for instance, is implementing the Gray Whale Monitoring Programme − a comprehensive programme for monitoring gray whales off the north-eastern coast of Sakhalin Island, which is perfectly in line with the goals and objectives of the Biodiversity Conservation and Ecological Tourism Development federal project (part of the Ecology national project). Western gray whales having a high conservation status use the water area in the vicinity of the company’s production facilities as their feeding grounds during the ice-free period. According to experts from the Western Gray Whale Advisory Panel, the sub-population increases by 2–5% per year.

The Culture national project is aimed, in particular, at strengthening the cultural identity of society based on the cultural values of the peoples of Russia. Sakhalin Energy has been working in this area for several years already, sparing neither effort nor expense to preserve the culture and languages of the indigenous peoples of the North. In 2020, the company’s Development of the Linguistic Heritage of Sakhalin Indigenous Minorities programme was recognised as one of the best projects aimed at the promotion of culture and art in Russia. To contribute to the achievement of another priority objective of the national project − to provide art schools with equipment and educational materials, in 2020 the company donated equipment to nine art schools on the island under the Hurry Up For Good Deeds programme. In 2019, Sakhalin Energy implemented the Fairy Tales in Russian Art exhibition project, giving the residents of the island a unique opportunity to see paintings from the collection of the State Russian Museum with their own eyes. Thus the company achieved another objective of the national project − to make the best examples of Russian culture more accessible to the population. During various grant competitions in 2019–2020, the company supported a total of 42 creative projects initiated by Sakhalin cultural institutions, including museums, libraries and theatres.

The priority objectives of the Demography national project − to strengthen public health, including in the workplace, to create a favourable environment for a healthy lifestyle and conditions for doing sports − coincide with those of the company’s corporate programmes aimed at protecting the health of personnel and promoting healthy lifestyles, as well as its external initiatives to support the regional healthcare system. Within the framework of the Prevention and Treatment project, in 2020 Sakhalin Energy donated about 34 million rubles for the purchase of much-needed medical equipment. Thanks to the company’s financial support, five medical institutions of the region now have everything necessary to provide timely and effective medical assistance to their patients.

The strategic objectives of the Education national project are to enhance the competitiveness of vocational education, create conditions for personal development and career growth, and introduce a system for continuous development of professional skills. In an effort to achieve them, Sakhalin Energy prepares annual learning and development plans for its employees, taking into account their production tasks, career development prospects and competence assessment results. In 2020, more than 80% of the company’s employees received training at seminars, workshops and training courses. Due to the restrictions associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, the company focused on distance learning and significantly expanded its on-line training course portfolio. In addition, Sakhalin Energy is running various programmes aimed at training and provision employment opportunities to young people on the island, which include awarding educational grants to school leavers, organising industrial and pre-graduation practice, internship and training of young specialists.

“Today, the Russian business community committed to the principles of responsible business conduct and sustainability is actively involved in work towards the objectives of the national projects. Awarding the status of the National Project Partner to leading Russian companies will help to find new growth points in the cooperation between the state, business and society with a view to achieving the national goals,” pointed out Natalya Gonchar, Head of the Sakhalin Energy Corporate Affairs Department.

Sofia Malyavina, General Director of National Priorities Independent Non-Profit Organisation, a state communication agency, commented: “It makes me happy to see that the state and business are already on the same wavelength: the Russian business community consistently advocates sustainable development. As a state communication agency, we are pleased to give each company an opportunity to develop their creative plans, to get support in their social performance and in their efforts to fulfil commitments and to benefit the state and society”.

19 February 2021