Sakhalin Energy and Gorny Vozdukh hold Eco-Weekend Festival

Eco-weekend is becoming an annual tradition, while having taken place for the second time on 27 August 2022.

In 2021, about 300 people took part in the festival over two days, while this year, more than 1,750 people visited the festival in a single day.

Like in 2021, the purpose of the ecological festival is to draw the residents’ attention to the urgent environmental issues of the city and the region such as biodiversity preservation, domestic waste disposal, harmonious coexistence between human and nature.

This year's festival is focused on behaviour on natural walking trails and routes, and its programme includes master classes, guided tours, a film programme, contests, and quizes to appeal to people of all ages and interests.


Over the past few years, four eco-trails have been in the area of Gorny Vozdukh. "The main objective of the eco-trails is to help people better understand the world around them," said Anastasia Ulyanova, Head of the Sports and Tourism Department of Gorny Vozdukh. − This year, we wanted to teach people to see the world around them and understand how our activities affect the environment”.

The programme of acquaintance with the western slope of Bolshevik Mountain began with a tour run by Oleg Burkovskiy, Sakhalin Energy LLC Senior Specialist and ornithologist. He is well known as the author of A Journey to the world of Sakhalin birds audio guide that was first presented at a similar event in 2021. This time, instead of one planned excursion, Oleg gave two, with almost 50 people walking along the ecological trail and getting to know more about Sakhalin endemics, plants brought to the island, curative properties of flowers, herbs, lianas. The participants had a chance to hear the voices of numerous birds inhabiting the surroundings of the city.


Participants who were familiar with the island's nature took the eco-trails on their own. One could act as a guide for the nutcracker chicks and find the most interesting plants, birds, and insects on the trails, thinking about food suitable for the chicks, dangers they face, and measures to protect them from the dangers.


 An interactive art object Take the Nutcracker Chick for a Walk, created especially for the festival, served as an aid in the walk. It consisted of a female nutcracker, a metal construction for collecting plastic waste, and a nest with plaster chicks designed for travelling along the eco-trails.


The festival traditionally includes a film programme. Film critic Ilya Shamazov headed and presented this video block. It included three amateur environmental videos and three professional short films.

"Sakhalin Energy is actively implementing its corporate environmental strategy. It is important for us to develop environmental awareness and behaviour not only among our employees, but to involve as many participants and partners as possible. The event was the perfect opportunity to bring together a team of enthusiasts who put together an interesting programme for children and adults. The result was a real holiday: the participants had a good time and gained new knowledge and skills," said Evgeniya Diamantidi, Lead Specialist of Sakhalin Energy LLC Social Performance Team.

Together with the company and Gorny Zodukh, Sakhalin Regional Library, Russia Is My History Museum, Rodnik Environmental Centre, Ecoshelf, Phoenix Initiative Group and Sakhalin artists participated in the 2022 environmental festival and organised master classes and all the activities.

30 August 2022