AK&M Rating Agency Reaffirmed Sakhalin Energy with the Highest Sustainability Reporting Rating

The AK&M Rating Agency has reaffirmed Sakhalin Energy's ESG reporting rating at RESG 1, which corresponds to the highest level of sustainability disclosure in the organisation’s public reports. The agency was assessing the 2021 Sustainable Development Report.

The Agency ranks the company’s reporting as the best in the oil and gas industry. Last year, Sakhalin Energy LLC (formerly Sakhalin Energy Investment Company Ltd.) was also assigned the Agency’s highest rating for 2020. This year, the company managed to improve the result by providing the public with the most comprehensive Sustainable Development Report in the oil and gas industry. Sakhalin Energy reports on its activities in all areas of sustainable development in a clear and open manner.

The Report demonstrates that, despite the challenging economic environment, the company remains committed to its development strategy to 2032, which combines dynamic growth with a reduced environmental footprint, provides for the development of cooperation with key scientific communities and for the establishment of a human-centred corporate environment.

The Sustainable Development Report is well structured, with quantitative data presented in trend. All sustainability activities are described in detail, and changes in quantitative indicators are explicitly explained. A consistent layout makes it easier to get the information in full.

While highly assessing the quality of Sakhalin Energy’s Sustainable Development reporting, AK&M Rating Agency recommends including more details on support for small and medium-sized businesses in the region in the reports.

Reference information

The ESG reporting rating has been assessed by the AK&M Rating Agency since 2020. The focus is placed on how well sustainability information is presented in reports (annual statements and sustainable development reports), and how accessible it is. The assessment covers 88 markers. The main objective of the rating is to show best practices in corporate social and environmental disclosure to the professional community.

In 2022, the ESG Reporting Ranking included the leading Russian companies that were the first in Russia to build their business in line with sustainability goals.

20 September 2022