Presentation of Unified Integration Centre Took Place at Sakhalin Oil and Gas 2022 Forum

The centrepiece of the closing day of the Sakhalin Oil and Gas 2022 Far Eastern Energy Forum was the presentation of the Unified Integration Centre.

The innovative approach developed by Sakhalin Energy LLC is aimed at pooling the resources and capabilities of the Company and its partners to improve the efficiency of the Sakhalin-2 project in the current situation and ensure its sustainable development.

Opening the discussion, Evgeny Udovenko, Deputy Head of the Production Directorate for Maintenance and Major Overhauls, spoke about the prerequisites for establishing the Unified Integration Centre, its main focus areas, key goals and objectives.

"Timely response to external changes and implementation of solutions that increase the efficiency of business processes is a key asset for any successful enterprise. One of the most effective ways to ensure it is to localise the business. Today, Sakhalin Energy is setting up the Unified Integration Centre on this basis. It will be a fundamentally new corporate tool that will enable the company to successfully pass the 'stress test' of the changing environment and remain afloat and efficient under any circumstances," said Evgeny Udovenko.

“Over the past three years, Sakhalin Energy has set targets for the localisation of services, so what we are doing today is not an impromptu exercise. The topic of services localisation has always been raised at all levels, including in the services integration programme and in the programme for the development of a manufacturing facility within the Sakhalin Industrial Park. The company has foreseen the risks and worked out all possible options, while systematically carrying out preparatory activities, and we have been following the lead of Sakhalin Energy's decisions. Today, we continue to learn, gain experience, and respond to the changing business and industry environment 'in the moment'," said Grigory Trofimov, CEO of Promsistemy LLC, an integrated provider of rotating equipment maintenance services.

According to Vyacheslav Zvyagintsev, the activities carried out by the PetroGazTekh Group for the Sakhalin-2 project are often similar in complexity to the tasks faced by the space industry: "The cooperation with Sakhalin Energy has had a positive impact on our work in all areas. This is a unique experience for us, and we are looking forward to building on it within the Unified Integration Centre. To unlock this potential and promote better interaction, we have opened our own regional engineering centre in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk featuring a mechanical shop," said the CEO of PetroGazTekh HC LLC, an integrator company.

Roman Dashkov, the Chief Executive Officer of Sakhalin Energy, thanked the partners who were actively involved in the establishment of the Unified Integration Centre. "This is the result of a concerted effort undertaken after a joint re-assessment of the external situation. Given that oil and gas projects are meant to last for decades, we should not stop. Together with our contractors, we must look only ahead to be able to effectively tackle our tactical challenges in the current environment," emphasised Roman Dashkov.

The head of Sakhalin Energy pointed out that digitalisation should be at the core of the Unified Integration Centre making it possible to rapidly process enormous amounts of data that require evaluation and predictive analysis within limited periods of time: "Today, this is one of the key elements that allow us to operate across vendors, technical specifications and procedures, the existing laws and regulations, and the company's corporate standards. The biggest challenge here is to get the interaction algorithm right.”


The existing and potential contractors of the Sakhalin-2 project joined the discussion. Everyone spoke of the need for synergies and mutually beneficial support across the industry, as well as the importance of involving representatives of companies of various levels, since the current situation and the potential for integration offers them further growth opportunities.

At the end of the discussion, Sakhalin Energy awarded its key service providers and equipment suppliers who had made a significant contribution to developing Russian Content in the Sakhalin-2 project.


30 September 2022