Emergency Response Drill Was Conducted at Prigorodnoye Production Complex

On 4 October 2022, an emergency response drill was conducted by representatives of Gazprom and its subsidiaries in the presence of RTN officials at Sakhalin Energy's Prigorodnoye production complex.

The drill simulated the actions of emergency response teams and services during a collapse of the apron ring (base) of an oil storage tank.

"The main pillars of the Sakhalin-2 operator's strategy are industrial safety compliance and maintaining process stability across the Company's assets. We do everything we can towards achieving these objectives and ensuring the safety of people and equipment. Proper planning, proactive preventive maintenance, and tiered in-process control are all essential elements of our work that requires strict adherence to Russian emergency response regulations," said Andrey Oleinikov, Managing Director of Sakhalin Energy LLC.

"The Company has consistently engaged representatives of federal regulatory agencies, EMERCOM of Russia, and Gazprom to exercise practical skills and undergo training in emergency response techniques at its production sites. Now we have taken yet another step towards safe operations and will continue this work in the future," said Igor Abramov, Chief Compliance Engineer of Sakhalin Energy LLC.

All of the goals and objectives of the emergency response drill were achieved.


7 October 2022