Gorny Vozdukh Volunteers Complete a Disability Inclusion Workshop for Engaging Visitors with Disabilities

In the end of October, over 30 volunteers of the Gorny Vozdukh sport and tourist complex completed the Inclusion Reset two-day workshop arranged with the support of Sakhalin Energy.

The initiative has been implemented by the company as part of I Am a Contribution to the Development of My Island,a partnership project that was launched in 2017 to promote volunteering.

Every autumn, prior to the start of a new ski season, Gorny Vozdukh runs Recruitment of Volunteers who will help the complex build proper engagement with visitors.

This year, the first Disability Inclusion workshop was arranged under the My Contribution to the Development of the Island project to ensure proper engagement with visitors with disabilities.

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The workshop was initiated by Sakhalin Energy. Marina Ee, Head of Social Performance Section, explains why the Company is interested in the project: “Sakhalin Energy’s key business principles include running its business in a socially responsible manner with respect for fundamental human rights. The right of each person to participation in social life remains inviolable and equal for all, regardless of their physical abilities. The company regularly supports vulnerable social groups. Such a workshop is a necessary contribution to volunteer movement, and we are happy to see that our colleagues have supported the idea without hesitation.”

“There are over 23 thousand people with disabilities living on Sakhalin. The complex has been making great efforts in the area, such as developing an accessible environment, holding regular contests (including international ones) for people with musculoskeletal disabilities. It is important that the staff, including volunteers, are able to work with people with disabilities to make them feel comfortable and safe when they visit our complex,” says Yegor Shekhovtsov, Manager of the Sports and Public Recreation Department of Gorny Vozdukh.

In the theory and practice sessions, participants learned how to communicate with people whose perception of the world is limited for objective reasons. The children learned how to work in a team and provide first aid.

“Often we get lost when confronted with a person with disabilities, we feel embarrassed and may even hurt them by a careless remark. In addition, such people often need help when in public places, but we are unable to help them due to ignorance. The course will guide me in dealing with such situations,” says Yelizaveta Zubakhina, a participant of the workshop.

The course for volunteers has been developed by qualified inclusion experts: teachers, psychologists, speech pathologists who work with people with disabilities.

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1 November 2022