On National Unity Day Sakhalin Energy employees laid flowers at the Eternal Flame Memorial

The event was attended by Chief Executive Officer Roman Dashkov, heads of directorates, company employees and their family members.

In his welcoming speech, Chief Executive Officer outlined the history of the holiday, which was established to commemorate the events of 1612, when the volunteer corps led by Kuzma Minin and Dmitry Pozharsky liberated Moscow from foreign invaders of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

“According to the Federal Law, the full name of the holiday is “Day of Military Glory of Russia – Day of National Unity”!   These days, we keep on our tradition of honouring the heroes who gave the dearest of their lives for the sake of a free and peaceful life for future generations. And to make sure that this unity of spirit is preserved, our common task is to keep the history alive and pass on the blessed memory of our ancestors to our children. This is how we give them the right upbringing, historical succession, respect for and pride in their homeland,” said Roman Dashkov to those in attendance.


The Managing Director of the company, Andrey Oleinikov, further supported the unity theme. “Peoples’ unity and cross-national harmony largely shape the success of our country. This ensures that Russia’s development remains sustainable against a backdrop of global turbulence,” he added.


Watch the video to see how the ceremony went. The video is available via the link.

7 November 2022