Sakhalin Energy Launches New Career Guidance Project

Sakhalin Energy launches a project aimed at providing career guidance for Sakhalin school students. The project was first presented during the Adventures of Octaman. Destroil's Trap game held on 8–10 February, which attracted more than 1,000 students of grades 3−5 from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk schools.

Through the game, with the Sakhalin-2 project being used as an example, the children learned a lot about the oil and gas complex (one of the leading economic sectors in the region), professions in the industry, and realised that working in oil and gas industry is not only honourable, but also interesting.

During the game, they were helped by Octaman, a new corporate hero whose main power is the ability to create energy. According to the game’s plot, he was kidnapped by Destroil, a villain whose dream is to destroy oil and gas fields and stop the human progress. To free the captive and save the modern civilization, the children were offered to complete a quest and tackle curious challenges.

As noted by Tatyana Derivedmid, Deputy Head of the Sakhalin Energy Corporate Affairs Division, the purpose of the new project, with Octaman as its face, is to train the personnel required for the industry and Sakhalin-2 project from an early age – literally, from the school bench: “In fact, we are giving the children the key that opens the way to their future profession, and we will be happy to see them joining our team in a couple of years.”

During the game, the students got immersed into the reality of oil and gas industry: they learned the industry terminology, selected the right points for drilling a well on the map of the Sakhalin Oblast, reconstructed a pipeline and built a drilling rig, learned about the operation of power plants and measuring instruments. On their fascinating journey, they were accompanied by subject matter experts: a process unit operator, a driller, a seismic interpreter, an environmental specialist, and a group of engineers. The experts not only supervised the performance of the tasks, but also gave the children helpful advice.


“Turns out, there are so many different professions behind the words ‘oilfield worker’, and I’ve learned a lot about them. On the one hand, by choosing one of them, you open the way to discoveries, because deep in earth's womb, there are still so many mysteries and unexplored horizons. On the other hand, it is a promising and important job, which is essential for human life today. I personally want to become a driller and, like my father, work on an offshore platform,” shared her impressions Elena Shmakova, a student of the fifth grade.


Along with the corporate mechanisms to support schoolchildren, students and young specialists who are the closing link of the Company's career guidance chain, Sakhalin Energy actively cooperates with the regional partners in education: Sakhalin State University including the Polytechnic College, and the Agency for Human Capital Development.

“Sakhalin Energy has come up with a fascinating story, allowing us to tell children in understandable terms not only about the Company itself and individual professions, but also about the qualities required for oil and gas industry specialists. It is important that in the future it will help children be more conscious in choosing their professional path. I would like to see such characters as Octaman appear in the other basic industries of the region's economy,” says Anastasia Kozhepenko, Director General of the Sakhalin Oblast Agency for Human Capital Development.

An opportunity to take part in an exciting game with the brave Octaman is not the only present the Company has given to Sakhalin's children. A special book has been prepared to take children on a journey with the superhero through the world of oil and gas professions and teach them how to "recognise" their own superpowers and use them in their studies and everyday life. Along with the book, the children will find an amazing wandering game with interesting tasks and awards, which can be played with friends. The book will soon be distributed to Sakhalin schools for preparing teaching aids and arranging extracurricular activities related to early vocational guidance.

Adventures of Octamen career guidance book (for students in grades 1−4)

10 February 2023