On the Defender of the Fatherland Day, Sakhalin Energy Employees Laid Flowers at the Eternal Flame

The ceremony was attended by Roman Dashkov, Chief Executive Officer, function managers, Company employees and their family members. 

In his welcoming speech, the head of the Company warmly congratulated the audience on one of the most important national holidays, which marks the victories of the Russian troops and represents the Day of Military Glory of Russia.   


“This holiday has changed its name several times but its meaning and spirit remain the same, as always throughout our country's long history: to faithfully serve the Motherland, protect our people and families, and defend the sovereignty of the Russian Federation! It is very important that our children take part in corporate patriotic events, this way we give them the right upbringing, understanding of national history and pride in our homeland,” said Roman Dashkov.

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This year, Sakhalin Energy has prepared a series of events dedicated to the Defender of the Fatherland Day. On 23 February, the winners of the corporate themed children's drawing competition were awarded in the Sakhalin Regional Art Museum. A creative workshop dedicated Vasily Tyorkin poem by Alexander Tvardovsky was held at the Museum of Anton Chekhov's Book Sakhalin Literary.  

An on-line quiz about the great battles, glorious victories and deeds of heroes of various times has started for employees of remote assets working shifts during holidays. 



“In this challenging time of conflict our country is going through, each and every one of us should exercise utmost self-discipline and devote our full strength to the common cause, fulfilling our professional duty in the workplace or wherever our expertise and knowledge will be required for the benefit of the future generations,” said Chief Executive Officer of Sakhalin Energy.   

23 February 2023