Community Awareness

The total length of the infrastructure of the Sakhalin-2 project is 900 km (on the territory of eight districts of the Sakhalin Oblast). The Public Consultation and Disclosure Plan was developed to make it possible for all residents of Sakhalin to receive complete and accurate information about the company's activities.

The main forms of work according to the plan are:

  • Information centres established in 23 district and rural libraries. The librarians for whom the company organises regular education workshops provide anyone interested with information about the company, possible employment opportunities, grants, and grievance procedure.

In case of questions related to Sakhalin Indigenous Minorities Development Plan

+7 914 759 42 08 – Lina Zhamyanova.

Sakhalin Energy employees are involved in all aspects of the interaction between the company and the wider community and solve the following key tasks:

- provide assistance and support for the implementation of the Sakhalin-2 project at local level;
- liaise with representatives of municipal authorities;
- establish efficient communication channels between Sakhalin Energy and its stakeholders;
- directly handle complaints as set out in the Public Grievance procedure;
- communicate changes in the community profile to key Sakhalin Energy target groups;
- oversee the implementation of company’s social projects;
- explain to communities both the requirements and standards of Sakhalin Energy.

  • Meetings with the people are held regularly in the districts wh ere the company's facilities are located. At the meetings, people are provided with information on company activities, social programmes, approved standards, etc. Local residents also have the opportunity to address their questions directly to Sakhalin Energy staff.

The schedule of meetings in 2021 will be developed later subject to COVID-19 restrictions.

Reports and Minutes of Meetings with Community.