Development of the Infrastructure of the Sakhalin Oblast

Construction works carried out within the project required a major modernisation of public infrastructure, particularly roads and bridges. Sakhalin Energy allotted over 600 million dollars for this purpose.

Over 50 bridges and more than 200 kilometres of roads were repaired or built. The Kholmsk Western Port, the Kaigan port, the airports in Nogliki and Shakhtersk, the power station in Onor and a number of other facilities were reconstructed.

Upgraded Nogliki airport is one of the best in its class in the Russian Far East

The renovated Kholmsk Western Port became the main port for supply vessels for all oil and gas projects of the island, the Nogliki Airport is recognised as the best among Class G airports in the Far East of Russia.

The Company’s financing helped modernise the Nogliki Health Centre, the Poronaysk Central District Hospital, and the Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Regional Hospital; a regional health centre was built in Korsakov; ambulance cars were bought for district hospitals in Nogliki, Poronaysk, Kholmsk, Korsakov, Dolinsk, and for the Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Regional Hospital. Together with the Sakhalin Oblast Administration, Sakhalin Energy financed the construction of a new building for the children's department of the regional dental clinic.

Landfills in Korsakov, Smirnykh, and Nogliki were reconstructed.

A large-scale programme on the search and disposal of unexploded ordnance was carried out in some areas of the oblast, and more than 5,000 munitions were defused and 30,000 litres of hazardous chemicals were removed.