Safety is the Company’s top priority. It concerns not only production and environmental protection aspects, but also the ability to live in conditions of frequent natural disasters: earthquakes, tsunamis, avalanches, forest fires and snowstorms.

Children are especially vulnerable in the face of danger.

“Safety is important!” programme that has been implemented since 2005 by Sakhalin Energy together with the Chief Administration of EMERCOM of Russia for the Sakhalin Oblast and the Ministry of Education for the Sakhalin Oblast, is aimed at helping children acquire survival skills. The programme has several directions: making animated educational about safe behaviour in various situations with the main character named Senya. Based on the animated cartoons, comic books are issued.

Another important element of the programme is arranging special classrooms to study Life Safety Fundamentals in the schools of twelve (12) Sakhalin Oblast districts. The classroom equipment includes interactive boards and stands, special computer educational programmes, knowledge test system, teaching and learning aids. Safety rooms are arranged in ten (10) kindergartens in three (3) districts of Sakhalin Oblast (Korsakov, Nogliki, and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk). All this increases the quality of educational process and enables training conducted for pre-school and school children and adults.

The education of pre-school and primary school children is reinforced by the annual Safety Day, involving teams of children from all Sakhalin districts.
The Safety Day is held in October and is linked to the International Day for Disaster Reductions (13 October according to the UN General Assembly Resolution).

Special projects of the programme include creation of popular tourist routes, installation of information boards in tsunami- and avalanche-hazardous areas, and preparation and issue of methodology handbooks for teachers, as well as information and educational campaigns covering various safety issues, etc.

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