Social Impact Assessment

Before conducting the works, the Company undertakes a comprehensive Environmental, Social, and Health Impact Assessment. If the impact is negative, necessary measures on its mitigation are to be developed. At the same time, the Company tries to increase its positive impact.

Diagram caption: Social Impact Assessment Process

Social Impact Assessment involves the issues of impact on the population (including the impact on the indigenous peoples and land users taken separately), on cultural heritage, general-purpose infrastructure, recreation, etc.

In the course of the Company’s consultations with the population of the communities which may fall within the scope of the project, plans and possible measures to manage the impact are discussed.
If necessary, the relocation of individuals from the area of production activities is performed according to the Resettlement Action Plan (RAP).

The Company has developed the Grievance Procedure, which helps Sakhalin residents as well as the Company’s employees, suppliers, partners, and contractors express their concerns about violations of regulations.

The results of impact assessment are published on the Company's website.

Such conducted assessments became the basis of detailed policies and procedures, including the policies, standards, and procedures for contractors. Special trainings are provided for contractors.

We conduct monitoring of compliance with the unified norms of conduct for the Company’s personnel, contractors, and subcontractors, which are set forth in:

Monitoring is conducted by the Company’s specialists (internal monitoring) as well as Russian and international experts and consultants of the Sakhalin Energy lenders (external monitoring). This allows the Company to identify potential problems, develop corrective actions, and assess the effectiveness of their implementation.