Environmental Protection

The company’s environmental activities comply with Russian environment protection laws with due account for applicable international standards and world best practices in the oil and gas industry.

The Environmental Policy is part of Sakhalin Energy’s General Business Principles, the Sustainable Development Policy and the Health, Safety, Environment and Social Performance (HSE SP) Commitments and Policy. These commitments are reflected in the HSE SP Action Plan, standards, procedures and other internal documents of the company.

Sakhalin Energy holds certificates of its environmental management system’s compliance with international standards ISO 14001:2015 (Certificate of Compliance of the Sakhalin Energy Environmental Management System with ISO 14001:2015) and OHSAS 18001:2008.

The effectiveness of the management system is continuously improved according to the planning – implementation – review – adjustment pattern. Its performance is monitored and evaluated through external and internal audits. Internal audits of the company’s production facilities are run to check their compliance with environmental laws, company standards and procedures are conducted on a regular basis.

Sakhalin Energy also contributes to the development of contractors and suppliers by implementing the One Team principle, sharing experience with contractors and monitoring their compliance with the company’s environmental requirements.

Particular attention is paid to proactive risk management and environmental impact assessment. The company has developed a monitoring and control system to reduce the impact of its activities on the environment and the risk of environmental pollution.

Sakhalin Energy consistently carries out a set of organisational and technical measures aimed at reducing the negative environmental impact indicators, increasing the competence of company and contractor personnel. The company develops and implements industrial environmental monitoring and control, and biodiversity conservation programmes.