Health, Safety, Environment and Social Action Plan

HSE Inspector doing checks at the LNG jetty

Health, Safety, Environment and Social Action Plan:
  • is developed in accordance with the Russian legislation and international standards, including the policies and directives of the World Bank, the International Finance Corporation standards, and other regulations;
  • provides full information on the measures aimed at negative impact reduction, management, monitoring, and other activities in the field of environmental and social responsibility; and
  • shall be applied to all facilities of Sakhalin Energy and to any other activity related to the Company, including contractors’ and subcontractors’ operations.

The Plan is agreed with the project lenders, by whom it is monitored and audited.

Health, Safety, Environment and Social Action Plan.
The lenders’ independent consultant’s reports on the Plan.

Health, Safety, Environment and Social Action Plan describes the management system in health, safety, environment (HSE), and social performance of the Company. It contains specific commitments and standards in impact management and its monitoring. They are formulated according to the results of the Environmental, Social, and Health Impact Assessment.

The Plan covers the performance of the Company and its contractors. In the field of social performance, the Plan includes certain standards. The Company's Social Performance Management Standard reviews:

  • international requirements for social performance;
  • Sakhalin indigenous minorities;
  • cultural heritage;
  • resettlement management;
  • public consultation and disclosure;
  • resolution of grievances;
  • social investment strategy;
  • Russian content and employment; and
  • social performance monitoring.