Graduate development programme

If you have recently graduated from a university or you are a young professional willing to join the Sakhalin-2 project, if you are able to address challenges, to make out-of-the-box decisions, to work effectively in a highly demanding environment, if you are open for communication with people from different countries, are able to achieve great results, want to grow and manage teams, you are welcome to be considered as a candidate for a position within the Graduate Development Programme.

The main goal of the Programme is «raising» of the company’s future managers through intensive development of their professional and leadership competencies.

Who are we searching for?

We are searching for university graduates and young professionals with:

  • University degree in the corresponding professional field.
  • No more than three years of work experience.
  • Grade Point Average (GPA) 4.0 and above for technical disciplines and 4.5 and above for non-technical disciplines.
  • Good command of the English language (Upper Intermediate level (B2) and higher).
  • Excellent references.

Should you have any questions regarding Graduate Development Programme, please contact:

Daria Lushchay, tel. +7 (4242) 66 2768,


What is the Graduate Development Programme?

Sakhalin Energy undertakes a systematic work aimed at development of Graduates that is an integral part of the company’s HR strategy and is designed to meet the company’s needs for qualified managerial and technical personnel of the required quality and in the required number, capable of achieving the company's short- and long-term goals. The main goal of the Programme is "raising" of the company’s future managers through intensive development of their professional and leadership competencies.

Participation in the Graduate Development Programme is an opportunity for talented university graduates with high potential to build a successful career in Sakhalin Energy.

What are the benefits of working for Sakhalin Energy?

  • Opportunity to get acquainted with the advanced technology used in oil and gas industry.
  • Work experience of working in compliance with the international HSE requirements.
  • Ongoing professional and personal training and development.
  • Career growth opportunities.
  • Working in a multi-national environment.
  • Opportunity to practice and improve the English language skills.

Where can one find the list of vacancies for Graduates positions?

Vacancies for Graduates positions and Job Descriptions for these vacancies can be found at in the Vacancies section.

Vacancies for University graduates have the prefix "Graduate" in English and the mark "Young Professional / Молодой специалист" in Russian.

Example: Graduate Process Engineer/Инженер-технолог (молодой специалист)

Graduates of what majors are in demand in the company?

The company is in demand of Graduates of the following majors:

  • Process and Production Automation
  • Machinery and Equipment for Oil and Gas Production
  • Oil and Gas Field Development and Operation
  • Compressors, Equipment Dynamics and Durability
  • Gas and Steam Turbine Units and Engines
  • Electrical Engineering, Electric-Power Engineering
  • Process Chemistry
  • Offshore Fields Development
  • Oil and Gas Engineering
  • Technogenic Safety.

Graduates of what non-technical majors are in demand in the company?

The company is in demand of Graduates of the following non-technical majors:

  • International Economics
  • International Relations
  • Management
  • Economics, Finance and Credit
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

What should one do if he/she hasn’t found at Sakhalin Energy website a vacancy relevant to the qualification and profile of his/her academic background?

If one hasn’t found a relevant vacancy, one should go to the Vacancies section and register his/her CV for the open vacancy using the instructions available in the section:

  • Vacancy (for graduates) EXT-2-0120 – in English version of the web site.
  • Вакансия (для выпускников) EXT-2-0120 – in Russian version of the website.

Thus, Recruitment Team will have your CV in case of new vacancies.

What requirements does the company set for candidates for Graduate positions?

  • Citizenship of the Russian Federation;
  • University degree in the corresponding professional field;
  • Good command of the English language (Upper Intermediate level (B2) and higher);
  • GPA:

- 4.0 and above – for candidates to engineering positions;

- 4.5 and above – for candidates to other Graduate positions.

What documents are to be submitted to be considered as a candidate for Graduate position?

Please provide the following documents while registering at the web site:

  • CV (in English and in Russian);
  • Cover letter (in English and in Russian);
  • Copy of the higher education graduation certificate including the supplement with grades;
  • References (in English and in Russian).

It is recommended to specify GPA, mobility, mobility to move to Sakhalin (if relevant), availability (approximate date), academic and professional achievements (at each workplace and place of study), the graduation paper theme, the level of the English language in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

The cover letter should contain the information that is not included in CV and should outline why the company and this vacancy is of the candidate’s interest, how he/she sees his/her future in the company and in the profession he/she has chosen.

How is selection of candidates for Graduates positions done?

Selection of candidates for Graduates positions has a few stages:

  • Pre-selection (CV screening)
  • Structured Interview – an interview conducted by HR recruitment specialists using specially developed methodological materials and standard questionnaires to estimate the potential and personal characteristics of the candidate based on the three criteria: capacity, achievement, relationships.
  • Technical interview – an interview conducted by Heads of Org.Units for assessing the candidate’s academic knowledge obtained at University and/or practical skills as related to the future position.

In most cases the interview with candidates who reside in the other cities is conducted via Skype. The date and time of the interview is agreed with a candidate beforehand.

What is evaluated during the Structured Interview?

During the Structured Interview held as the part of the selection process for Graduates positions the candidates should demonstrate the evidence of their:

  • Capacity is the ability to make critical decisions and produce practical solutions based on a thorough analysis of available information; the ability to focus on key issues despite the existence of many complex and ambiguous factors; the ability to seek out relevant information; the ability to challenge existing approaches and create solutions that recognise short-term needs and long-term implications.
  • Achievement is the ability to deliver high quality results due to setting effective goals, to proactively initiate changes and the ability to overcome obstacles; ability to work effectively in difficult environments; looking for opportunities to expand responsibilities at work, and seeking feedback; demonstrating awareness of strengths and development areas; and identifying opportunities to learn and develop.
  • Relationship is the ability to listen to and consult with others; the ability to influence others and to give constructive feedback; the ability to interact effectively with people from different cultures; performance management.

Is the level of English important for candidates for Graduates positions?

Knowledge of English at Upper-Intermediate level (B2) is one of the requirements for the selection of a candidate for Graduates position. This is due to the fact that:

  • English is considered to be the company’s business language that is used in the business correspondence and at the meetings. Graduates participate in everyday communication in English and must be able to reason and support their points of view, to present their projects in front of the audience, to write messages in English and to use the necessary technical vocabulary.
  • Graduates get an opportunity to attend Shell Open University professional courses that are given in English by foreign trainers.

In which way shall Grade Point Average of graduation certificate be calculated?

Grade Point Average (GPA) is calculated based on the grades included in Graduation Certificate Supplement in Russian graduation certificate. Please note that grades for differentiated pass-fail tests, term papers and the results of Internship are not included into the calculation base.

What should one do if he/she is a foreign University graduate?

Students of foreign Universities should provide the document justifying the system of grades and the criteria for converting the grades applied in the particular University. Then, the foreign system of grades should be converted into the Russian one to calculate GPA. The Grade Conversion Tables are available in the Internet.

For instance:


"5" (Excellent)


"4" (Good)

Which categories of candidates can be considered on a priority basis for the Graduates vacancies?

The following categories of candidates may be considered as priority ones for the Graduates vacancies:

  • The Sakhalin Region residents;
  • Scholarship Programme Participants graduated from universities;
  • University Graduates who had Internship at the company production assets and in its offices.

What is the duration of the Graduate’s stay in the Programme?

The duration of the Graduate’s stay in the Programme may vary 1.5 to 3.5 years.

It is determined by the discipline to which the position relates as well as by the level of the Graduate’s qualification, work experience and achievements.

What is the Graduate Programme start date?

The company does not set requirements for the Programme start date. Vacancies in the Programme open throughout the calendar year as long as Graduates exit from the Programme. The company and a potential Graduate mutually agree on the employment start date.

What is Graduate’s work schedule?

Standard Graduate’s work schedule in the office is from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM (for men) and from 9:00 AM to 5:12 PM (for women). Graduate taking an Engineering position must be ready for changes in his/her work schedule and for the transfer to rotation-based work schedule (28/28 days rotation) to get practical experience at the company production assets such as oil and gas platforms, OPF or the LNG plant.

What will Graduate face in the Programme?

Graduate will face:

  • participation in the learning and development activities aimed at professional competencies development (based at Shell Open University and Gazprom Corporate Institute);
  • participation in the "Future Horizons" modular programme aimed at leadership skills development;
  • opportunity of rotations at the company production assets to gain production experience;
  • participation in cross-discipline projects;
  • participation in Mentoring Programme;
  • participation in leadership competences assessment by means of Assessment Centre;
  • participation in "Young Energy" Graduates Club activities.

Is there any Graduates social community in the company?

Since 2012 "Young Energy" Graduates Club has been functioning in the company. «Young Energy» Graduates Club is the social community of the Company young professionals originated on the basis of common interests for implementation of the Programme common goals.

In "Young Energy" Graduates Club young specialists are able to implement joint ideas and projects that are not connected with the company activities directly. For instance, they deliver charity and volunteer projects.

What is expected of Graduate?

Notwithstanding the company’s strong support, Graduate is expected to be proactive, to self-manage his/her tasks and projects, to make deliberate and high impact decisions, to offer an unconventional approach to address challenges as well as to demonstrate intention for continuous development, diligence and result orientation.

What obligations shall Graduate have under the Graduate Development Programme?

When being employed, Graduate concludes Graduate Development Agreement with the company. The Agreement defines terms and conditions of the Graduate’s participation in the Programme and stipulates mutual obligations of the company and the Graduate in terms of the Programme implementation.

According to the Agreement, after exit from the Programme the Graduate is obliged to work for the company not less than 3 years.

What if the Graduate will decide to leave the company breaking the Programme obligations?

In case of the Graduate’s dismissal on both his/her own initiative or on the initiative of the company due to work discipline violation or any other misconduct leading to dismissal according to the Russian Labour Legislation the Graduate is obliged to reimburse the company for the expenses it incurred with respect to his/her training for the entire period of participation in the Programme:

  • in case of dismissal while being in the Programme or within one year from the date of exiting the Programme - in the amount of 100% (one hundred percent) of the costs.
  • in case of dismissal during the second year of work from the date of exiting the Programme - in the amount of 75% (seventy-five percent) of the costs.
  • in case of dismissal of the Employee during the third year of work from the date of exiting the Programme - in the amount of 40% (forty percent) of the costs.