Traineeship Programme

Sakhalin Energy runs this programme to develop technicians competent for the following jobs at the company’s facilities: Mechanical Technician, Oil and Gas Production Operator, Process Unit Operator, Electrical Technician and I&C Technician.

The Traineeship Programme provides an opportunity for those young residents of Sakhalin Oblast which have completed a course at an oil and gas educational establishment of secondary or higher level, to obtain highly valued knowledge in technical disciplines and to develop appropriate professional skills at the company's state-of-the-art production facilities, with a prospect of filling the company's existing vacancies upon completion of this Traineeship Programme.

Traineeship Programme Description:

The company will sign with each trainee an employment agreement for the Traineeship Programme duration.

Requirements for a trainee candidate:

  • RF citizenship;
  • basic secondary/higher professional education in oil and gas / technical disciplines;
  • vocational certificate in electrician, operations, mechanical and instrumentation trades;
  • physically fit for a job at an oil and gas facility;
  • scoring at least ‘4’ according to the Russian knowledge assessment system;
  • taking Sakhalin Energy's Internship Programme may be a benefit.

Candidate selection and recruitment process and schedule:

Candidate selection is conducted via interviews by technical experts working at the company's facilities. The purpose of the selection interviews is to assess what technical knowledge the candidates possess in relevant disciplines, as well as to assess their personal and business characteristics.

The selection interviews are conducted annually from mid-July till the end of August.

Successful candidates are recruited for the Traineeship Programme effective October of the same year.

Candidates are invited to send their Russian language CVs (in a free format) to the Technical Training Centre functional mail box:

Tel.: +7 (4242) 66 4102 

Please Note:

Resume should be accompanied with the completed Form of Agreement on Personal Data Processing, otherwise Resumes will be deleted without opening.

Personal Data Processing Agreement Form.