Onshore processing facility

The OPF is located off the north eastern shore of Sakhalin Island, 7 km inland from the landfall of the offshore gas pipelines from the Lunskoye-A platform. The asset occupies the territory of over 62 000 m2.

The primary function of the OPF is to process gas and condensate received from the Lunskoye field for the pipeline transportation to the oil export terminal and LNG plant at Prigorodnoye production complex. It also receives oil and gas streams from the PA-A and PA-B platforms for onward transportation by pipeline to oil export terminal. For that purpose booster pumps are used at the OPF with a capacity to pump up to 195,000 b/d.
At full capacity the asset is capable of processing 1,800 mln scf/d of gas (51 mln m3/day) and about 60,000 b/d of condensate/oil (9,500 m3/day).
The four gas tourbines that power the OPF can each produce 25 MW. The amount of energy per hour generated by the turbines could provide enough electricity to power the Sydney Opera House for two days running.
All process systems at the OPF were brought into operation in 2008.