Prigorodnoye production complex

The Prigorodnoye Production Complex comprises a liquefied natural gas (LNG) plant and an oil export terminal (OET). The complex is located on the southern shore of Sakhalin island, alongside Aniva Bay, 15 km to the east from Korsakov. Aniva Bay doesn't freeze through winter and is an ideal place for oil and LNG deliveries as part of the Sakhalin-2 project.
The area of the complex measures about 4.2 km2, which is twice smaller than the size of the famous Imperial Palace in Tokyo.

The LNG plant has two parallel process trains and general services facilities. Gas treatment and liquefaction are performed on the process trains. LNG is produced using Double Mixed Refrigerant technology developed by Shell.

Shell developed this state-of-the-art technology for the Sakhalin LNG plant, to ensure maximum LNG production during severe Sakhalin winters. The production capacity of the plant is 9.6 million tonnes of LNG per year.

The general services facilities of the Complex include nitrogen and air production units, instrument air systems, water and wastewater treatment plants, flare units and gas turbine generators for producing electricity.

After liquefaction, LNG flows into two 100,000 m3 tanks for storage before shipment.

A special loading jetty, which can handle custom-designed LNG carriers with a capacity from 18,000 m3 to 177,400 m3, loads the LNG.

Oil export terminal (OET), including offloading pipeline and tanker loading unit (TLU) for loading oil to the tankers, is located to the east from the LNG plant and has management and supporting systems in common with it. The OET operations are managed in the Control Room, the supporting utilities are located on the territory of the LNG plant.
Oil is transported from the Piltun-Astokhskoye and Lunskoye fields through the transsakhalin pipeline system to the OET. The oil is then mixed with a small amount of condensate recovered from the natural gas stream, and stored in two floating roof storage tanks each with a capacity of 95,000 m3.

Afterwards, the oil is transferred through the offshore pipeline to the tanker loading unit, which is situated in a water depth of about 30 m, 4.8 km offshore. Oil tankers with a capacity from 40,000 m3 to 150,000 m3 can be loaded at the TLU. The 73.7 metre-high TLU is about as tall as Taj Mahal.

The LNG carriers and oil tankers are serviced in the first in Russia Prigorodnoye sea port. In May 2008 the port was opened for international connections by the Russian Federation Government decree.

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